I am sure I have seen this somewhere maybe on this site. I found the very detailed options of how to do each manually but this is something I need to be able to give people who are not knowledgeable in doing this on their own.
Unless there is a way to export and import a 'Sec-Pol' setting from one system to another , the registry option would probably be best. In windows 10, I have people who for some reason at times end up with their network showing PUBLIC when they are connected to the Office WiFi. Manually changing to Private usually works but it never stays that way.
Many of the shared resources on the office network are available to them only if they are on a Private network. To make it worse, on many of these laptops, even if they connect to the wired network it does not release the WiFi connection unless they completely disable that adapter.

I know this needs a better solution than a quick patch to set all to private but it is one of those 'gotta do it right this second' things which I need a way to do until I can get to their system to figure out what caused this in the first place.

Is there a general registry entry I can use to get them set to Private for all network connections as a "Quick-Cure"?