Hello. I have been having persisting issues with my internet connection ever since I installed windows 10. On my old PC I had no problems and on this one everything was fine. I installed windows 10 back in august 2015 and I have had a problem ever since. I use a smart TV as a monitor, and when I switch my input away from my PC the issues begin, I often put youtube on and swap port so my PC is not on screen, when the next video starts 3 seconds in, and it is always 3 seconds it freezes, not every time but around 50%-75%. It disconnects me from Ethernet or WIFI but if I troubleshoot quickly it instantly fixes and cannot find a problem. If I swap from Ethernet to WIFI or visa versa it also fixes it. All other devices stay connected and sometimes if I am using teamspeak or related chat program it will stay connected whilst everything else drops. Any and all help is greatly appreciated as this issue is extremely frustrating