My home entertainment set up includes a Sony STRDN 840 and a Samsung Model 5500 Series 5 TV.
I use it mostly to play music from my computer music folders.

I have two servers that will not connect using the SONY Home Network feature and I want to delete them. I have three others that do connect.

I don't know exactly where they are defined in Windows Media player 12.0 or in Windows 10
The names that fail are FranksPC Frank751 and FranksPC: Owner.
The ones that work are External Drive, CharlottesPC User and FranksPc (PC) FranksPC:

I can delete them from the Sony STRDN - 840 but when I refresh they reappear.
I would like to know how to delete them from Windows10 or Windows media player.
Also, is there a way to rename FranksPc (PC) FranksPC: to somthing simpler?
Frank C