Well you might surprised at learning just what will actually run on 10! And then there is the possibility of similar programs with free versions that will run on 10. Mostly however it will depend on how a program is written whether geared for XP only as some pc games as well as desktop apps have been found to be as well as also seeing programs and games that would not run on Vista find a new home on the 32bit 7!

Vista had seen Fat support stripped out being a big blunder for MS there with 7 having the need to see it put back since flash drives, digital cameras, smart phones, etc. were all using Fat for the onboard memory as well as the SD and other memory cards. And yet despite having a dual boot of both 10 and 7 on two machines here I haven't booted into 7 now for over a month! The last time I was in 7 was actually to see 7 upgraded to 10 on a VM project. With the exception of a few programs needing newer versions to install and run on the new version just about everything else is already running on 10 except for some cd/dvd burning software still on 7. That will gone soon anyways however once a clean install of the 7 Ultimate x64 side is dusted off for the overdue clean install where the old program would have to bought all over again. But no plans to see that replaced.