Windows 10: User Not granted Permission Logon Error Solved

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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       07 Apr 2016 #11

    You should know soon enough after a few shutdowns of the netbook, restarts for the main even powering that down completely for the fresh startup to see if everything holds true for you there.

    After some update comes along if not some new program you may run into a temp loss while the configuration remains the same. That can happen on occasion where the restarts typically end up refreshing things again. When going from build to build here on both physical and VM machines it happens on occasion where to get all the VMs and two desktops talking to each other one will need a software refresh. Mainly however I will have to say that the TV has otherwise been reliable and can give it a good grade! This of course can also allow you to connect from outside of the home network while out on the go.
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  2.    07 Apr 2016 #12

    I'll keep that in mind Night Hawk although I have no idea why I would want to connect to my network from outside the home but who knows, I may want to someday. Thanks for your suggestions and help.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       07 Apr 2016 #13

    With the TV program you don't have to connect to every machine but simply are able to connect individually to one or more while out or for seeing remote access of one while being at another. It's a versatile software. You can even transfer files if say you forgot something on the home pc you didn't quite see copied onto the netbook like homework or something for work? oops! You then simply connect home to get it!

    How to do that securely? Set up a VM on one of the home pcs and install it there! You then log into the new account you first have to see at the home site and then simply anything you need remote access to on the VM which remains isolated from the host as well as other systems on the home network. Remember this is all optional.

    Eventually I will likely be seeing a home server that can be accessed remotely by a few laptops while the main and a second case might be hard wired via router. System image backups via network connection to simplify things.
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  4.    07 Apr 2016 #14

    I can see where that would come in handy at times. When I doing web site design I could have used that but that was a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away! Heck with smart phones now I could have done almost anything back then too. Ahh the wonders of technology!

    BTW, everything is still working as it should so I'll mark it solved tomorrow if it stay there.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       07 Apr 2016 #15

    If you have already switched the netbook on and off a few times as well as having shut down the main a couple of times and still finding the instant recognition I would say you are now in the clear. Allowing the additional time of course will further insure the hold took certainly won't hurt anything!

    With TV I find it handy not just for being able to bounce files back and forth between the two desktops but when setting up a VM on the remote pc I can also see files transferred over from the main. In fact that the method I used to see a 7 Pro VM upgraded to 10 by copy-transfer all the content out of the "$Windows~BT" folder from the root of C on the main. I was mainly interested in the Sources\Windows sub folder seen with one of the builds and once that upgrade was to see results the newer Insider builds have been going on it since.

    The things to note about the TV program is it generally being light weight on resources as well as you will get timed out after any extended period of inactivity unless buying the corporate license with all the goods. That runs about $300 for that however. But it can save a world of time trying to transfer files by usb to flash drive or external drive when going back and forth between machines! USB transfers can be slow boats to China at times!
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  6.    07 Apr 2016 #16

    I'm pretty happy with my transfers back & forth especially with the wired main ever since I got my new router updated from my G router. My next project though is to resurrect my old XP box which I think the PS is going on it but not positive, I'll have to get out my PS tester and see. I really loved XP for what I use computers for any more, really didn't want to update the OS from XP on any of my machines but.........
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       08 Apr 2016 #17

    Well if you have VMware's Workstation 12 Player on you can run anything there! In fact I think the XP Mode is able to run on it while you might have a task trying to find an MS page to download that from. 7 was the actual champ here until 10 arrived and still is kept going on the now second OS drive. The second remote pc also sees a 10/7 dual boot across two drives there as well.

    Personally I was actually glad to be out of XP back when first seeing a dual boot with Vista that was later dropped. I did end up with both XP Home as well as the XP Mode with Linux Mint or Ubuntu as well as 98SE even on four VMs back when 7 was new! That was the early bird VM Player 4.0 I believe at the time.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  8.    08 Apr 2016 #18

    Actually Win 10 is not bad, the main problem I have with it is because most of the software I have was bought for XP and half of them are not compatible with Win 10 and I'm not going to go out and spend a few grand on programs I already own so I need an XP box for those programs.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       08 Apr 2016 #19

    I still have some programs bought for 7 I would have to buy new all over again for 10 as well. That isn't from compatibility but these companies only allowing one activation per purchase so if you end up needing to see Windows go on fresh from scratch you pay all over again for the same thing! Money Rackets is how that works! They get coming and going!

    Full system image backups are the Key Phrase to keep in mind once you have everything all set to go!
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  10.    08 Apr 2016 #20

    I've got all my old XP's backed up with Ghost but I bet you that it will be incompatible on Win 10. I've always tried staying away from MS but it's impossible one way or the other. I would go with Apple but then I would have to buy all my software again. I'm retired now and just don't have that kind of $$$ to throw away.

    I remember the good old days when OS Dos upgrades came out they were always backward compatible.
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