First off, I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong topic, I pondered for quite a while trying to decide where exactly I should present my questions/issues and ultimately decided on this topic because but for Network and Sharing issues, I don't know I would truly understand the depth of the problem(s). The ownership and control issues I'm having ultimately prevent the sharing of the files and folders.

I've run into the problems identical or at least very similar to what I'm asking about now on versions of Windows dating as back as the initial launch of Vista, but I am in fact now using a desktop PC (AMD Athlon 64II, 8GB ram, nVidea GPX with an additional 2 GB video RAM).

I have an array of disk drives and currently the issue(s) pertain mostly to one and the initial cause seems to be from migrating the physical drive into a completely different environment (i.e., from "Computer 1" to Computer 2") or in a few passed occasions, int he instance of format/re-install circumstance.

My first solution, of course was the use of the utility found elsewhere on this site, "Take Ownership with Delay," which appears (and reports) to work each time, but that further inspection and testing proves I have gained no more control that I had before.

My questions:

  • Is there an inexpensive, effective application that affords a much higher level of "real" control over files or, even better, entire drives at one time?
  • Could the desired outcome be reached through something as simple as a batch file I could write myself?
  • Isn't anyone else running into these problems?

On a side-note, the last time I rebuilt my system, I ended up having to copy between two different PCs, file by file...something I truly hope never to do again in my lifetime!