I've run into that mostly on one blog site I frequent since I became a member that is mainly following up on another blogger since we shate information on one of the social networks regarding another type of technology. When I get in a regular newsletter and arrive at the site when the writer first started blogging there one annoyance kept starting right up every single time without even seeing the cursor go anywhere near the clip embedded on the page. As of late however I go back now and no longer run into that one!

On FB or at the main YT site I always have to click on each video and several on FB will be seeing the Adobe settings pop up to allow or deny unclickable where I then have to track down the original source. Privacy settings or something else is the cause since Flash Player is already in good working shape on Waterfox 44.03as well as FF 44.03 now on as well with one not able to open while the other is running. I keep Cyberbox another FF variant on since that will run with either FF or WF running.