Hi. I have TWO Dell Inspiron 15 laptops that are set up just about the same regarding hardware and software. I also have a HP G7 laptop. I have a Belkin AC1200FE router that has a USB port to plug in a printer so I can print from any computer on my network. All you need to make it all work, seamlessly, is an application called USB Control Center distributed by Belkin, as well as printer drivers installed on each device you want to print from. The program will make a connection to the printer so the computer can print documents. Then, the connection is dropped after x seconds of inactivity to allow for other computers to make a connection for printing. Sounds nice, right?

Let's give the devices on my network names, hopefully it all makes sense.
My Inspiron - Alpha
My G7 - Bravo
Wife's Inspiron - Charlie
Router - Router
Printer - Printer
USB Control Center - the program

So, I installed the program on Bravo, installed the printer drivers on Bravo, and was able to print a test page quickly.

I already had the program installed on Alpha, as well as the drivers, and have never had issues printing from Alpha.

Then, I installed the program on Charlie, and immediately I noticed an issue. The program is able to detect when printer drivers are installed, however the program refuses to detect my successful installation of the drivers. Keep in mind that Alpha and Charlie are the same machines both hardware and software. So, instead of simply installing the drivers, I went into the office and plugged the printer directly to Charlie, and only then did the program realize I installed the drivers.

THe problem I am dealing with is that Charlie will make a connection to the printer, but will drop that connection after about 5-10 seconds. I can watch in Device Manager that my printer will appear (with no yellow excl point) for that same duration then disappear (as if it was unplugged from the computer). The program requires one open port in the firewall which I've even manually created an inbound/outbound rule to allow the port to be open on all network types.

I'm here asking for help instead of on Belkin because I do believe it's an issue with either Windows itself or the firewall. I also believe that I should be seeing some sort of event in the Event Viewer but theres absolutely nothing related to the program or anything. Help me, please!