Hi Guys

Sorry to ask I am new and Win 10 is causing me a lot of grief

I am trying to connect to another Win 10 PC on my network. I have:

UD5-PC – I am not this
Raspberry Pi3

In Windows Explorer I see only:


I want to connect to Dan-PC…(and the pi…but that is another long painful issue)

I try to map the drive and use the IP Address…. then it all goes pear-shaped….

It is asking me for my “Network Credentials”. I have no idea what they are… Yes, I went into Control Panel/Manage Network Credentials….

BUT… yesterday I deleted all the passwords. I HATE passwords. So they are not there. I thought this would rid me of the plague of the password

I also went through with Microsoft and tried to remove as many passwords as possible. I also have turned off all the privacy things….

I tried to find out how to reset – zero.

I tried every password I could think off.

This is the PC that was ALWAYS on the network.

I tried Homegroup – I see 3 PC’s but ALL are unavailable.

My goal is to have NO passwords….

I have had it … I am now grump and I am barking at my wife and children...

Can some kind person help with the &^@#$