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No router, No DCHP and a 169 address does not stop one from accessing the site. What people will use is the public IP provided to you by your ISP. Your internal private IPs are irrelevant.
Dear LogicEarth

Im gonna say this again, I am truely not educated in this. Because of my ignorance and lack of knowledge I might be asking the wrong questions. So when I actually ask a question I get the 'wrong' answer. I do not believe that my situation is all that difficult .

I also believe that it is squarely on my shoulders that Im wasting your time, for instance. This is my problem:

I am part of a small business that I run from home. I was asked to do the layout of the Website - which we had (http://www.afrigreenevents.com)- but looked bad. The website was hosted on a server somewhere in the USA.

Now, this man requested me to download and install Wordpress.org locally, do the site as I wish and he will take over and run it on his server. Great I did that with difficulty. First, I had to download a Website Platform which includes MySQL. I started 'working' the site and couldnt get back in with what was saved as localhost @@@@. (I did a site layout before on Wordpress.com - easy). I started up Wordpress again and it took me back to installation. I re-read the instructions - as saw me @@@ without a mirror. Hence my questions.

When I started searching for help I got even more confused. ip addresses and such. The mistake I am making and confused about is this:

When I run install for WP - it creates a wp database and user with password.
Then the instructions says 'using MYPHP or MYSQL or whatever. Creat a User and give it privileges and then create a database.

I did that. Then instruction says you need ftp and stuff. So I downloaded Fox, FileZilla and FileServer.

Then I got lost. I lost it with database names, usernames and such. When I first tried to connect with FileZilla told me bout broken pipe and sockets.

I think my actual problem lies in my database names and my url. I do not understand if my url is suppose to say 'www.afrigreen.com' or http://www.localhost.afrigreen.com or without the whatever. I dont even know where to change it cept on general settings in wp. Even so, as soon as I log out I cant log back in with Localhost@@@.

Can you PLEASE help me? Im such an idiot already. It really cant be such a big issue. I believe its just me.