Windows 10: 169 ip Address, media disconnected, invalid ethernet ip

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       21 Mar 2016 #11

    I get what you mean you want to setup your WordPress site locally on your computer and when you like what you see you want to use FileZilla to send all the local files to your online WordPress site.

    Try to setup your WAMP or LAMP server first and get it running then worry about FileZilla later. Probably the easiest way to get running would be to try a Virtual Appliance of WordPress If you do a Google search you should find a few free ones.

    Some good sites for Virtual appliance's are is good or might be better.

    You will need Virtual machine software to run it.

    There will be a lot to learn and it probably will not be to easy, You will have a lot of reading and YouTube videos.
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       21 Mar 2016 #12

    I almost forgot about you IP problem a few things you could try

    disable then enable your lan adapter

    turn off your router for about 10 or 15 seconds

    restarting your computer might also help
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  3.    22 Mar 2016 #13

    The reason no one is addressing it, is because that IP address is normal for your setup . You have no router, you have no DHCP server. You are directly connected to your ISP via that USB adapter, you have no network. But you still need an IP for that adapter to work thus you get 169.x.x.x.

    And to add my replies are slow and terse because I'm at work, utilizing my phone to write these posts.
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  4. topgundcp's Avatar
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       22 Mar 2016 #14

    Filezilla is a FTP client and is used for transferring files over a network. In your case, to transfer file(s) from your PC to the remote PC used to host your Website, the remote PC would have the FTP server running. In order to transfer your file(s), you must have a login ID & Password from the remote PC to establish the transfer. So FTP has nothing to do with Web Development.

    In order to develop a web site locally, you'd need to set up your PC with a Web Server software. Once done with the development, you would use FileZilla to transer your work (web page(s), Images etc...) locally to the remote Web hosting server.

    If you are using Windows 10 Pro (not sure if home version has this feature). You can turn on the Web Server Software from Programs and Features: Internet Information Services or you can download Apache Server from:Apache VC14 binaries and modules download

    A simple way is to set up a web server using Apache so if you wish to setup a web server in your PC with Apache:
    1. Download the zip file (select x86 or x64 depending on if your Windows 10 is running 32 or 64 bit) from the link above
    2. Unzip and copy the folder Apache24 to the root of your C drive (C:\Apache24)
    3. Since Apache is compiled with Visual C++ 2015). You'd need to install the Visual C++ Redistribution for Visual Studio 2015 download from here:
      Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 from Official Microsoft Download Center
    4. Navigate to: C:\Apache24\bin and double click on "httpd.exe" to run the web server or you can set up as a service: Open admin command and run: httpd.exe -k install
    5. Next, Double click ApacheMonitor.exe, or put it in your Startup folder
    6. Open the Web browser and type: localhost, hit <ENTER>. It should display the message: IT WORKS
      meaning your setup is successful

    NOTE: The web page for the message above (IT WORKS) is in C:\Apache24\htdocs\index.html. This file is the starting point of your Home page. Now you can modify this file as your home page, adding additional folder(s), pages,links, images etc.... Once tested and done, you can upload your page(s) to the remote PC using Filezilla where they host your Website.

    In addition, If you are using Firefox as your Web Browser, you can install an add-on called "FireFTP" and use it then you would not have to install FileZilla.

    In summary. It does not matter what software you use to set up as the web server: IIS, Apache, Wamp etc... As long as you can develop your Web Site locally then use FileZilla to update your Website in the remote Server then you'll be fine.
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       22 Mar 2016 #15

    Thank you very much Logic Earth

    My intention wasnt to offend you at all.

    I understand what you are saying about my set-up. Does that now include that I am incapable of doing what Im trying to achieve? If so, what needs to change?

    Thank you for your valuable time.
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       22 Mar 2016 #16

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am at this stage willing to try anything. I will do what you suggested and post the outcome on the forum. There has to be a way to create this site of mine the way I want to do it and be done with.
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  7.    22 Mar 2016 #17

    Your stuck , 169 addresses are because there is no DHCP server involved , without DHCP , there's no way for people to look up your IP address to connect to your web page..

    Host your site elsewhere.
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  8.    22 Mar 2016 #18

    No router, No DCHP and a 169 address does not stop one from accessing the site. What people will use is the public IP provided to you by your ISP. Your internal private IPs are irrelevant.
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       22 Mar 2016 #19

    Ok Are you using a website creation program or hand coding the individual webpages

    if you are using the creation program most if not all will have a test site option which will create and operate a small local web-server to serve your site to you for testing.

    If you are writing pages manually my method would be to create a folder on your system and name it to the name of your website we'll use for ease of use. In the folder create your pages, starting with either Home.htm or Index.htm, and then all the sub pages. yon may wish to create folders for graphic elements and others for code but that depends on your needs.

    To test the site simply double click on the Home.htm or index.htm and your site should open in your browser for testing. When you are happy you just use filezilla or similar to upload the contents of to your Hosting site in the US

    The 169 ip is just a placeholder used by windows when they cannot find a valid DHCP server, check your internet settings
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 1803 - 17134.5 XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1 in VM for testing
       22 Mar 2016 #20 is actually one of a number of Reserved local IP address Ranges , Is a standard fall-back address used when there is no DHCP server running or it's inaccessible

    Both ranges will not be forwarded by internet devices, which means that if they should be misdirected by the local router the data they carry will be discarded.

    If anyone is interested in researching this more deeply there is an explanation here ... Reserved IP addresses - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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