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I've been posting recently about the advantages of using an Ethernet Wifi bridge recently - and how you can use an old router to use DD-WRT to create one.

However if you are a bit nervous about flashing routers (only do it on one you could throw away if it goes wrong as it is possible to Brick it) - the EDIMAX AC750 multi-function dual band router has all these facilities available and an absolutely fool proof way of doing it to. You can even set it up wirelessly and simply then connect your Ethernet cable to it and you are then connected to the rest of your network -- Great for connecting NAS boxes to remote TV's etc when you can't store the NAS near your primary router and it doesn't have a wifi facility -- in any case most of these NAS boxes use some type of Linux which on the whole is really rotten with Wifi anyway.

I've just installed one of these at a friend's house (and still getting decent response for streaming after going through TWO (yes TWO not 1 Wifi extender !!!!) So Router/cable-->extender1---extender2---wifi-bridge--lan cable--NAS.
He's still getting 300 Mb/s -- plenty enough for streaming / backup / file share / vm's.

EDIMAX Multi-Function Concurrent Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router BR-6208AC - Newegg.com

For around 30 USD - no brainer IMO.