Windows 10: Samba access from Android device stopped working

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  1.    13 Mar 2016 #1

    Samba access from Android device stopped working

    I used to be able to access my Windows 10 machine from my Android tablet via smb:// but this has now stopped working. My Android file manager app can still discover and get the correct name of my PC, but username/password is no longer accepted.

    The only thing that has changed since I last attempted to access my PC from my tablet is one or two automatic Windows updates.

    I tried trouble shooting and got the “one or more network protocols are missing on this computer” error, which it says it fixed in administrator mode, but it didn't change anything.

    Googling on various fixes mostly seem to result in pages of people not able to connect to the internet at all, but that is not my problem.

    Anyone encountered this?
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       13 Mar 2016 #2

    There is a File sharing app out there for Android devices. When connecting to workgroup shares on an Android OS or iOS device, the OS can block you from doing so, to protect the OS and device.

    Windows uses CIFS for sharing, not SAMBA. The version of Samba that Microsoft uses, is a very crippled version and has had issues recently since the last update. Download ES File Explorer from the Google Play store and use that to access your shares. I have never had any issues with it.
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  3.    14 Mar 2016 #3

    That app is exacly what I'm using!

    When you connect to your named PC in the Lan tab of that app, and the password dialogue comes up, if you look at the top, it actually says smb:// which is why I assumed the app used samba. Is there a setting to force it to use cifs instead? It's very weird if the app switched a setting during the last month or so, because I haven't used it since last time, and last time it worked.
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       14 Mar 2016 #4

    Stop entering the smb:// when setting up the connection. You have to use the IP or at the bottom with the list of devices, just click on it and enter username and password.

    Android and iOS devices do not have the capability of using Samba, CIFS, NFS, is why you have to use third party apps.

    If you press the plus sign in the upper right corner of the app and choose the type of OS, it will show at the bottom in "Network Neighborhood", available devices with shares.
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       14 Mar 2016 #5

    You cannot add smb:// to the IP, because it will always cause issues with the File Explorer app. It is already coded to understand the various ways of connecting to shares.
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  6.    14 Mar 2016 #6

    Thank you for trying to help me, but please read carefully what I said again. You misread two of my points:

    1. The android app finds my NAMED PC in the lan tab! I do not enter anything!
    2. The password prompt of the android app ITSELF pops up smb:// with the ip after I click the named PC. I do not enter anything!

    (Well, apart from my username and password, which as of last month, no longer works.)

    I do not have a plus sign in the top right corner of ES File Explorer, only an X. Only place I found a plus sign is in the Windows management, and there I can choose http(web), file(Local), https(Web) and samba(LAN). This again, leads me to think that the problem is not with ES File Explorer, but rather a Windows 10 update which somehow sabotaged samba access.

    I actually found this topic which you also posted in, but disabling Samba v2 and v3 via Powershell did not resolve the problem for me:

    One or more network protocols are missing on this computer - Windows 10 Forums
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  7.    14 Mar 2016 #7

    Hi there.

    Why not use this ANDROID app on your phone

    ES-file explorer -- it's free and will scan your network --finds all my Windows shares -- you might need to enter your password on Windows shares depending on how you enabled the sharing (On Windows).

    Works fine on my Samsung S5

    Can do a lot of other interesting things too.

    On Android phones get it from Google play store. FREE.

    19 Things You Didns ES File Explorer Can Do

    In particular I've found this one useful in the past : I'll bet a load of people here didn't realize you can mount a USB device on your phone too !!!!


    7. Mount a USB Drive on Your Android Phone

    Most (if not all) Android devices use a USB connection for charging and transferring files, and thus conveniently work with pen drives, too. So if you’ve got photos and videos to transfer—or a movie to watch on a long plane ride overseas—you don’t have to limit yourself to a laptop or wait for the long transfer process. Simply plug in your pen drive and start watching the movie.

    You’ll need a physical USB OTG (On-the-Go) cable with a male microUSB connector-to-female full size USB port, rooted Android device, and two apps: StickMount to mount the pen drive and ES File Explorer as a file manager. To perform the necessary steps we have an article on how to use a USB drive with your Android device. While the cable is a tad bit bulky, it’s still convenient if you travel a lot or have a flaky Internet connection.


    These days with additional micro SD cards for storage then not so important but if your phone doesn't have an additional micro sd card then could be of interest.

    BTW for those thinking of new Samsung S7 -- that finally has bought back the micro Sd card again for additional storage. The S5 had it but not the S6. In all ways round IMO the S6 was a dog and not worth changing from an S5 (which also still has replaceable battery).
    The S7 might be worth a look but I can't really see advantage over S5 currently. The S6 though -- AVOID -- there will be some cheap ones on the market now S7 is out. Again AVOID.

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       14 Mar 2016 #8

    Jimbo that is the one that I posted. Use it all of the time along with ES's FTP manager app, when accessing my NAS. Best thing is that it is pretty much dummy proof and so easy to use. Really do not know why the OP thought that they have to use smb://, when it does not even ask for it when setting up the device you want to access.
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  9.    14 Mar 2016 #9

    bro67 said: View Post
    Jimbo that is the one that I posted. Use it all of the time along with ES's FTP manager app, when accessing my NAS. Best thing is that it is pretty much dummy proof and so easy to use. Really do not know why the OP thought that they have to use smb://, when it does not even ask for it when setting up the device you want to access.
    Hi there

    I missed that - but agree it's not even IDIOT proof -- It's also JIMBO proof so it must work OK !!!! Actually worked first time on my phone and I'm usually hopeless with those sorts of devices- I've only just realized that Phones actually aren't used about 90% of the time for making phone calls !!!!.

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  10.    14 Mar 2016 #10

    Jesus Christ the lack of reading comprehension here. I get that you are trying to help, but holy shit...


    Have either of you comprehended the fact that I had everything working fine up until the last Windows 10 update or two?

    (Also, you apparently don't get that I have not done anything to display my IP... the app pops this up when I click on my PC icon after a network scan, as you can see in the image below. Finally, it's not a phone, it's a tablet.)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	unspecified.png 
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    Heck, if you guys select the properties of your Server in the app, does the path not say smb:// ?
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