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  1.    11 Mar 2016 #1

    NAS transfer speeds

    Whats a good speed for transferring files from PC to NAS? I am currently transferring a single large file from the PC to the NAS and its getting a speed of around 20mb/s.

    The connection between me and the NAS is powerline 1200 with gigabit ports and cat 6 cables. The route has to go from my PC downstairs to the main powerline then up to the NAS (I assume thats how it works, for all I know it could be going direct from PC to NAS).
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    Hi there.

    at 20 mb/s this is going to be HIDEOUSLY slow. You should even on slow disks be getting speeds 5 times that on average.

    Due to "Woman" issues I had to remove two NAS boxes from my main TV to a closet far from Ethernet connection -- she refused to allow one more wire / gadget - especially with flashing lights etc. Got another router to act as a Wifi Bridge into my main network so the NAS boxes are now "Wirelessly" connected to my network.

    Data transfer from laptop with external portable USB 3 HDD to NAS via WIFI still around 110 mb/s -- and absolutely no issues with Media streaming (PLEX on NAS, control via smart phone, google chromecast on smart TV ).

    The bridge router can deliver wirelessly 433 mb/s so no issues there.

    What OS are you running in your NAS -- mine is CENTOS 7 but Windows works too or any decent OS.

    I'm using PROLIANT HP GEN 8 microserver as NAS boxes with 4 X 4 TB HDD's and the OS installed on an SSD. To get SSD to boot and use the 4 HDD's as data disks I had to set the internal RAID so I had SSD as single raid 0 device (boot) and 2 Logical Raid 0 8 TB HDD's.

    Works a treat even if creating a single disk as a RAID 0 device is a bit strange --had to do that otherwise in non RAID mode the boot could only be from HDD's 1/2 in ist two bays or from a USB device. In RAID the SSD is configurable as an extra boot HDD.

    Performance is great -- it's a HOME server so RAID 0 is just fine - not too worried about losing HDD's.

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  3.    11 Mar 2016 #3

    I am not sure what OS the device uses, I did a search but couldn't find any mention of it.

    I myself am running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

    There must be a way to improve those speeds. May be I should move the box downstairs next to the router. I have an 8 port switch I could plug it into.
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  4.    11 Mar 2016 #4

    Hi there

    what are you using as a NAS box. Windows 10 should be just fine. The other thing is if you are using those electrical thingy's for Ethernet connection they can be hideously variable in performance.

    I'd check your Network stuff first - the Wifi option works for me (wifi Ethernet bridge with 2nd router). If your network connection is fine I'd suggest a cheap RAID controller and improve HDD performance - but if you've got SATA connections the max theoretical throughput should be at least 3 GB/s - on modern HDD's could be 6GB/s -- although you won't actually get that speed from the HDD's themselves.

    Can you also test running a file transfer from your computer to an external USB HDD -- the bottleneck might actually be in the PC !!! and not the NAS. USB2 external device will probably transfer at 20 - 40 mb/s , USB3 external HDD probably 100 - 150 mb/s (these are for portable self powered HDD's).

    If the computer is slow then that's it -- NAS should be fine. If you have USB ports on the NAS see what HDD transfer is directly by connecting the device to the NAS - most decent NAS boxes will have at least one USB 3 port.

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  5.    11 Mar 2016 #5

    I am thinking of moving downstairs next to the router and plug it in to the gigabit switch.

    I will do that USB test when I come back from shopping. This computer is an i7 4770k which is about 2 years old. It performs well in games.

    One thing I didn't mention is although the motherboard came with a killernic port, I did buy a TP-Link pci nic gigabit card.

    This is from a review article: "Our final testing benchmark looks at our 128K transfer test, which demonstrates the highest sequential transfer speed available. This workload showed the WD My Cloud Mirror boasting an average of 112MB/s read, and 71MB/s write."
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  6.    11 Mar 2016 #6

    Hi there
    the computer should be fine. The USB test would be interesting though both from the computer and direct connection to the NAS box.

    Would be interested in the results when you've done them -- you want a decent sized file say 2 - 4GB to test with (a ripped DVD movie would make a good test).

    I'm having to move all my gear AWAY from the inlet cable box - I'm forbidden to add anything more - even a single wire !!! so the wifi solution works for me.

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  7.    11 Mar 2016 #7

    Yea I did a transfer test with a 3gb file and copied it from PC to NAS which gave me that 20mb/s speed.
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  8.    11 Mar 2016 #8

    Well I've moved it donwstairs and the results are slightly worse! 16mb/s. I plugged it into a gigabit switch.

    I think the trouble is that the house has two mains rings one upstairs and one downstairs. So somehow I need to bridge that gap and then use compartmentalised powerline adapters downstairs and upstairs.
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  9.    11 Mar 2016 #9

    Hi there

    The 2nd Wifi Router cost me 30 EUR / 23 GBP (inc Tax) -- IMO worth looking at. Ensure it has Bridge wifi feature. A lot don't. Saves all the cabling. Those Electrical things are only any good if you have a decent straight electrical connection without other things on the same power line. My experience in the UK is that whether it's Hotel rooms or houses - even new ones that there are never sufficient power lines -- and people have loads of extension boxes or "Xmas Tree" connections.

    (The one place where these things might work is in a kitchen - that's one place where the UK electrical system doesn't frighten the wits out of me - some wiring probably would make even Isaac Newton scared - if they had that stuff back then. A kitchen should have a proper circuit to test those Ethernet electrical outlets but I wouldn't recommend leaving your NAS box in the kitchen !!!).

    The advantage of using the Wifi bridge is that I can use on the "Local Wifi" LAN the fast 5 GHZ wide (40 instead of the narrow 20 MHz) bandwidth even though my Chromecast device when on Wifi can only use "G" @ 2.4GHZ. so a win win all round. The chromecast is connected directly to my PRIMARY router (the cable box) via a LAN / wifi dongle so no probs either.

    If you can only get 20 mb/s from usb to NAS directly connected then that's it as far as that is concerned - but a laptop with even an average spinner (not SSD) should be able to push at least 70 - 100 mb/s over a network IMO.

    Seems you have a serious problem there -- and I don't think from the info supplied that your problem is with the NAS box.

    Incidentally I'm running a W10 x-64 pro, a W2K3 server, two XP machines and a W7 VM from my NAS server -- as well as PLEX and Logitech (Squeezebox) server and no probs at all even using the wifi bridge connection. So that's 5 decent VM's working daily from the NAS - no probs. VM's using VMWARE workstation on Linux CENTOS 7 Host. (I got workstation from work !! but VMware player should work too). HP supplied RAID controller driver for RED HAT - works 100% compatible with CENTOS and is initialized from the BIOS at server boot time.

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  10.    11 Mar 2016 #10

    I've now plugged it into the same powerline plug as my PC uses. The speed went from the 20mb/s up to 60mb/s in places. Average was around 50.

    Can i plug the NAS directly in to my nic card and other computers in the house still see it?
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