I cannot get over how badly W10 handles my networked drives. I suspect there are many folks, including businesses, running with networks, these days. W10 seems to have a problem. It certainly can't handle mine. And it is pretty straight-forward, just consisting of 3 D-Link storage enclosures. (DL-323 & Dl-325)

Every time I start my computers, or they awake from sleep, the computer takes forever to connect to the network drives. To make it worse, it pops up a message each and every time, as if I didn't know it was going to take 3 to 5 minutes for the system to get completely connected. And that is with the network connected with Ethernet!

Even worse, if the computer goes to sleep with a file open in nearly any application the system loses track of where it is, and leaves the file marked as open on the network drive. That means on most applications that I lose any changes I made and can't even open the files again except by powering down the network to clear any activity flags.

But it gets even worse. I run an old copy (2009) of Microsoft Streets and Trips occasionally. If the computer goes to sleep with one of the maps I have created open, when I come back the map is completely deleted from my drives. I am getting really friendly with backup restorations. But I still lose any data changes made the day it disappears.

My only defense is to stop eating lunch and dinner or to stop my computers from sleeping. That stinks!

(see File Explorer has become a real mess - Windows 10 Forums to get an idea how much trouble that causes me with File Explorer. I believe much of that has to do with network problems as well.)