Hi there

After fighting a losing battle with Linux (SAMBA 4) and Windows Networking -- I rolled back my CENTOS 7 Host to CENTOS 6.7 with SAMBA 3.6.23

All Network problems FIXED at a stroke -- even the VM's on the Linux box can see other physical Windows boxes and vise versa.
All Windows boxes both VM and real can communicate both with each other and the server.

Mixture of W7 / W10 and XP -- all seeing and working 100%. W10 latest W10 x-64 pro with all updates (retail version --i.e not the Insider version -- will test that later. The Shared files are all accessible from all the windows boxes with the correct permissions too.

Seems that some networking in SAMBA 4 must have changed -- even though the installation manual recommended using SAMBA 4 for Windows 10 connectivity specifically.

I'm using the server (CENTOS) essentially as a file / multi-media server and run a couple of VM's on it so rolling back to 6.7 from 7 with an older kernel was no big deal --it's still supported until 2020 -- who knows what hardware I'll have then. !!!

Not sure why it cleared up problem with other WINDOWS PHYSICAL machines on the network - but Windows networking to me is like the Wizard in the Harry Potter books. Still it's all working -- don't know how or why but I'm happy now.

(BTW if you roll back your server to an earlier release whether Windows or Linux DON'T re-format your DATA drives - the though of re-loading around 7 - 8 TB of multi-media again and then creating the databases -- No thanks).