Windows 10: Can't get Internet access on two computers - Windows 10 issue

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  1.    23 Feb 2016 #1

    Can't get Internet access on two computers - Windows 10 issue

    I have an issue on both my Windows 10 laptop and desktop PC. Both are DELL and new. Suddenly, my PC wouldn't connect to the internet using ANY wifi network. For this reason, I eliminated my WiFi modem - because the same issue happened when using my phone tethering. Using the Ethernet cable worked. Then a few weeks later my laptop has the same issue, but with this I can't plug in an ethernet port, because it dosen't have one.
    Both computers had IP Vanish VPN (probably nothing to do with it but thought I'd mention). I believe these issues happened after updates.

    I've tried disabling firewall, antivirus, uninstalling Vanish VPN, using cmd from things I've seen recommended, updated network adapter on desktop.

    Not sure what next to do, it's really annoying. Please advise.
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       23 Feb 2016 #2

    Check my post to see if it is similar

    Although my issue has been occuring for much longer... have you tried using anything other than windows browsers ? I have a similar issue although windows says I'm not connected.. everything actually works other than core Windows things like EDGE, or SEARCH or the Windows Store. Just wondering. My post is Windows 10 thinks it is not on the network when it is.
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  3.    23 Feb 2016 #3

    Hi tkhula,
    Actually, I use Chrome and Firefox, but nothing works. "This webpage is not available, DNS_PROBE_FINISIHED_BAD_CONFIG". Funnily, earlier, I got it to work for 2 seconds. So strange. I read this type of issue effects many, but none of those solutions have worked for me.
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  4.    23 Feb 2016 #4

    I am new here and this isn't a very "techie" solution but...

    I have had a few wireless access points/routers give me similar problems in the past with random connection issues and what not. One of three things fixed them every time.

    1) Interference. Take note of what is around both your router/access point and your connected device. Anything with a high frequency, high wattage, or strong magnetic fields? One problem was fixed when I found a client had installed a new microwave... and put the router right on top of it. Sure played hell with the network while heating up lunch. Another time it was a large amplifier and speakers for a PA system too close to the equipment.

    2) Firmware Update. Especially if your equipment is provided by your ISP. Many of these units are of poor design or manufacture and are prone to these symptoms. This has fixed many problems for me, not just in routers, but in electronics in general. You would be surprised at the number of gadgets out there that have systems that can be updated for improved performance.

    3) Replacement. Get a QUALITY unit to do the job you are asking it to do. Age old lesson I have learned here is... "You get what you pay for." Functional and Dependable are not often under the same price tags and your ISP not always interested in the latter.

    EDIT: Wanted to mention age. How long has it been running 24/7? Usage and heat over time will cause components to break down internally. Your network is a collection of systems and devices working in conjunction. Much like a vehicle if a router has developed a fault in one component it can/will effect the function of the entire assembly.

    Hope this is somewhat helpful even though it has nothing to do with Windows 10 or any OS.
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  5.    23 Feb 2016 #5

    Thanks for reply. I've just updated firmware of my router (it's a top of the range Netgear). But, because it won't work with my phone tethering, I've eliminated the idea that the router could be at fault.
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    Windows 10 Upgrade
       23 Feb 2016 #6

    Since things are indicating a potential dns issue --- have you tried changing the dns servers from the automagic setting to a fixed setting I've found that using these service to resolve dns or at least narrow things down has been very useful. My ISP here in the states has hired a IT director who is a utter idiot. Our DNS servers were erratic for several weeks I suspect because he was trying to cut off access to certain sites. In any event ... here are a couple dns services that you can use to help troubleshoot.

    Public DNS Google Developers
    Use OpenDNS
    and if you just want to make sure you are using the ones from your isp -- Tiscali DNS Servers - United Kingdom - What's My DNS?
    (I've got a tiscali acount over there myself sad for me but it is what it is. )
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  7.    23 Feb 2016 #7

    Was thinking about your problem at work.

    Have you tried to disable IPV6 across the network? If any of your network is incompatible with the protocol it can cause problems.

    Disable IPHelper ? I had an issue with a Windows 7 machine that seemed to go away when this process was disabled on a tip from a forum post like this one.

    We talked firmware before but the machine's motherboard might need updated bios/firmware if your wireless card is integrated into it and it is at all an older product. If it is PCI add in card it will have it's own firmware that could be out of date as well.

    DNS Services. Not all DNS servers are created the same. There are are other options to resolve DNS within your network such as using Google's and there are several opensource DNS projects out there as well. This is a bit outside my comfort zone of networking but I am sure there are threads and posters here with much more info on this subject.

    One machine I could not get the connection problem resolved ended up being something to do with NAT tables and was resolved by the ISP technical support. I am glad I passed that one off as I have little knowledge of that area of networking as well. At least other than a basic surface understanding of its function. Something to look at if all else fails.

    All of these suggestions are trying to think outside the normal stuff as it doesn't seem to be a normal problem and you have eliminated those basic causes as valid.

    Good luck mate.

    EDIT: Post before this already hit on DNS while I was typing and with good information! Pretend I didn't even mention it.
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    Windows 10 Upgrade
       23 Feb 2016 #8

    Yeah .. my issue with My Windows 10 box is just silly.. It's hardwired because the opposing ISP here is evil and selected the location of Right Outside My House --- to place their Wide Area Network.. it just murders my poor little router's wireless signal. However, I've actually played swap with a couple of nics ( thinking the same thing.. perhaps it was firmware)... but nope.. no love. In the meantime, other than no updates, no windows store and no windows search.. everything is good.

    and yeah.. NAT tables are indeed evil... and of course.. I saw nothing...
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  9.    24 Feb 2016 #9

    Result! I seem to have, at least temporarily, resolved the issue on my laptop. I was messing about with settings, and noticed the IPV4 or IPV6, not sure which, has an assigned IP. So I removed it and set to auto. This, straight away, resolved the issue. Now taking a look at desktop PC. I'm not sure how it happened, must have been a Windows 10 update that somehow changed it! Hope this will help others too.
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  10.    24 Feb 2016 #10

    OK, I unplugged the Ethernet cable from the modem to PC, and for some reason, the desktop now works fine too? I didn't change anything with the desktop at all. So, was the laptop setting effecting the PC, as well? Strange. Anyway, all sorted for now! Thanks for your advice everyone. I hope this can help someone else.
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