I had noticed something that others might not be aware of. This normally occurs when an update or download is currently taking place here's an attachment I have here:
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While my Bitdefender AV was downloading it would kick me off the internet while I was doing something. eg. Social Media, Youtube or normal browsing. In this case this never seemed to happen on Windows 7 & 8 where I can do both at the same time without any lag. This is, because I was downloading something.

Same instance with the ongoing updates I have on my Windows 10 PC where when an update was happening I would instantly lose access to the internet until the updates were finished downloading. This also happened on my clients PC as well when an update was taking place.

I have a guess that Microsoft had changed something. When I was updating on Windows 7 most updates will fail until I hopped off Internet Explorer or Mozilla. On here I noticed something different. Almost all my updates were successfully done and installed.

I doubt anyone had the same instinct as me as I only just noticed it then :)