I had set up a drive share over the HomeGroup so that I could access my Laptops drive on my Desktop PC, and I didn't have enough permissions to edit, so I guessed it was a problem with giving other users "Full Permissions" to the Windows and Program Files folders, and so I shared my User folder alone and its contents over the HomeGroup.

This did not fix the permissions problem, even going so far as to remove viewing rights as well as the missing edit rights, and so I attempted to stop sharing the User folder, and revert the sharing setup to how it was before, but I cannot "stop sharing" the folder. Selection of "stop sharing" opens up a dialogue asking if I want to "Stop sharing" or "Change sharing permissions". If I then select "Stop sharing" it opens up a new dialogue claiming it will "Stop sharing" and that the process "may take a few minutes". At some point after this, the dialogue asks if I want to change settings for folders that appear to be inside the /Users/Charlie/AppData, I select change settings, and it resumes. After this, the dialogue closes without any further information. The User folder seems to still think it is sharing, but I cannot access it over the network.

I have attempted to remove the share link by running cmd, and entering "net share Users /delete", as well as deleting all shares in the list, but the Users folder still seems to be set to sharing, even though I cannot access it, and it no longer shows up on the "net share" list. This would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that this breaks all permissions when trying to share the C:// drive again, as any files inside Users/Charlie are not accessible like the rest of the drive is, no matter what permissions I give it. I have attempted to run dskchk and no result.

Is this a Windows error, or am I just doing something stupid? Thanks in advance for any answers.