We're having an issue in our office that has me stumped. We have 5 machines, all on Windows 10, and 5 IP phones. The IP phones need to be connected via ethernet, and since we don't have access to an ethernet connection in our building, we share the wifi from the computer to the phone.

The process I used to set up the machines can be found here: Using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) - Windows Help

Once set up, each computer and each phone worked great. Then, one by one, the computers stopped treating the ethernet cable as an outbound connection (sharing the signal from the wifi) and started calling it an "unidentified network" with "no internet access" and the phone attached no longer had a connection.

When each computer decides to stop sharing (every few days or so a new one calls it quits) we have just used a working one to share with a switch, and then share to multiple phones from the switch. One by one each computer stopped sharing, and 30 minutes ago the last one stopped, and all our phones are down.

There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to why the stop sharing, or any discernable pattern. Any help would be greatly appreciated, since our business has no phones now and we are getting angry emails from customers