Hi there

After upgrading to latest insider build I'm tearing my hair out with Network connectivity AGAIN.

Have Logitech media server running on NAS. Squeezeboxes (Linux OS) connect and work fine, as do W7 and XP.

Windows 10 shows the server but cannot connect. However if I activate the player (client end software Squeezeplay) it will only connect if I actually enter the IP address of the server. Before I would just start the client and it would find the server (and if more than one would present a list of which to connect to) and present me with the client interface to select music stream to play. Been working 100% ever since XP days -- W10 really has got some sort of networking royally hosed up.

(I've been looking for a replacement for the squeezebox system - Sonos sounds not so good and expensive, squeezebox system - great Optical / digital out, and does FLAC too -- why Logitech stopped it I don't know so perhaps I'll keep the hardware until it finally dies)