Been playing with my new install of 10 pro and this network adapter built into my P6T Deluxe claims to be connected at 1 gig, however actual speed appears to be 100mbs full duplex, plus it moves in chunks and stops a lot.
I'm trying to transfer and video edit things from my win7 ultimate machine and it's adapter IS connected at 1 gig and even has 1 gig full duplex listed in advanced options.
The 8056 only shows auto negotiate and 100 full duplex and lower as options. I've been searching around, tried a few cables, all 5e but they have worked before, and both machines are hooked to a extra 1 gig router I turned into a switch just for these two boxes.
I would like to at least get a smooth full speed or close 100 connection without all the stops, starts, and slowdowns. There don't appear to be any newer drivers then the one Microsoft gives me in 10 and Marvel only list a win 8 install from 2012
So any ideas would be appreciated, I'm chasing all kinds of minor annoyances right now but this one really ticks me off, thanks.