I have an old, but serviceable, Canon printer (Pixma iP5200R). Until recently, this was connected to an old, but rapidly becoming unserviceable, tower PC running Windows XP. I was using this machine as a print server (amongst other things) and was able to connect to the printer from my Laptop (running Windows 10) across the LAN and print stuff.

I finally decided the desktop PC was due to depart this mortal coil and bought a brand new spanking tower machine with Windows 10 installed. I connected my old printer to the new box and it installed, no problem. I am able to print things, and use all the printer's features, from the new computer. My problems started when I attempted to connect to the printer from my laptop, which is also running Windows 10.

When I try to connect to the printer from my laptop I get the message "Windows cannot connect to the printer. Unable to find a core driver package that is required by the printer driver package". Note that the laptop software hasn't changed. The laptop had no problem connecting to the printer when the printer was attached to my old XP box.

I went to the Canon website but they have washed their hands of this legacy printer, saying it's not compatible with Windows 10. On some level, this is untrue because it works fine as a local printer. It's only printing across the LAN that is causing problems.

I know a new printer isn't going to break the bank, but offends my green instincts to throw away a perfectly serviceable piece of kit, not to mention the pile of spare ink cartridges languishing in my drawer.

Am I sunk or is there any way I can get my laptop to connect to this printer?

Kind Regards