How to get PC to support Miracast?

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    monster10888 said:
    Hey, OP here. So you are correct, a computer needs to have WiDi support to be able to support Miracast. WiDi support, if I remember correctly, falls in with how old your processor is.
    Miracast is not the same thing than Intel WiDi. All my laptops for instance support Miracast allowing me to cast to one of my two Microsoft Wireless Display Adapters on two different TVs, yet not a single one of my laptops supports WiDi.

    Miracast has also nothing to do with CPU, it's a feature in modern wireless WiFi Direct network adapters (list of WLAN adapters supporting Miracast). Additionally the display adapter must support Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) (almost all modern display drivers support it).

    For laptop buyers there's a simple "rule of thumb": If the laptop came with Windows 8.1 pre-installed, its WiFi adapter supports Miracast. This is not a factual rule per se, it's just that those laptops manufactured mid 2013 and later usually have WiFi Direct wireless network adapter. Windows supports Miracast starting from version 8.1.

    Desktop owners without built-in WiFi adapter need to check that adapter they get is a Wi-Fi Direct CERTIFIED Miracast device.

    For laptop users like me Miracast is really practical, allowing use of more than one external display. In fact, Edge browser I am using to browse the forums and type this reply is at the moment on an external display connected with Miracast.

    How to get PC to support Miracast?-image.png

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    Hi Karl

    i tried to ask in another part of the forum but didnt get any replies. I can project to my smart TV (via miracast i guess) using the connect function in Windows as you posted above and it works fine, except that then i can't seem to browse the internet any more. A yellow exclamation mark appears over the wifi icon whilst i'm mirroring my pc screen onto the TV and websites dont load. Once I stop mirroring i can reset the wifi and can surf the net again.

    any ideas how to fix this, else it kind of loses its value? (windows 10 pc, 2 years old, realtek network card RTL8723AU.,
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    aroon1 said:
    any ideas how to fix this, else it kind of loses its value? (windows 10 pc, 2 years old, realtek network card RTL8723AU.,
    Your system specs says you have a desktop PC. Is the WiFi adapter built-in or do you get WiFi using an external USB WiFi adapter? Do you also have a wired connection available?

    My recommendation is to use wired connection for Internet and only use Wifi for casting to TV.
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    Hey Karl. Yep it's an all in one desktop with internal network card. If I run dxdiag from the run command it tells me it supports Miracast.

    I could used wired but it's not ideal as I actually move the pic around sometimes. Also it seems like it's clearly possible to stream and cast at the same time so would ideally like to find out what the issue is.

    When I've googled it I've found instances of people talking about similar issues with wifi direct and casting( which I think is what miracast is based on) so there must some people out there who might know what causes it/how to fix it.
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    i hv fixed this problem
    trust me, u can do this for full free:)
    just click on this link below :))))
    How to Cast ur Computer to TV wirelessly for non miracast supporting device |Watch in HD| - YouTube

    monster10888 said:
    So I just got a new LG smart TV that has a screen share mode. I wanted to use it but apparently my PC doesn't support miracast.

    How do I get miracast support? I'm sure all my drivers are up to date, but i'll check again. Here's my dxdiag, I couldn't get much info from it. I'm not sure why it's not supported, and I don't have much knowledge on the issue.


    Could someone who knows more about this help me out? I can get the TV to show up in Devices under settings, but I can't project to it.
    Does my second monitor have anything to do with it?
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    sweetPixiesmile said:
    I registered JUST so I could help with the general idiocy surrounding this with people who just do not understand the question. I know this is a really old thread, but the question isn't answered very well out in the internet, so I thought I'd answer it definitively here.

    Will probably be my only post on this forum.

    If your computer is like mine, upgraded from Windows 7 to anything higher (probably Windows 10 now, like mine) your computer is likely NOT to support WiDi. Apparently the only stupid way to check is to try to project your screen (Win+P.) If you see "+ Add wireless display" CONGRATULATIONS! Your computer supports WiDi.

    If you're like me and don't even see the option to add a wireless display, then you have only ONE option to get Miracast working on your computer, and that is you must purchase a Miracast TRANSMITTER (not a RECEIVER, a TRANSMITTER.) Search for Miracast transmitter on Amazon or Google, and you'll get a number of dongles or packages for purchase.

    However, the easiest way to get screen mirroring is to buy a Chromecast.

    Hope my hours of reading and sifting through stupid replies like the one above helps somebody.
    bro yes thank you some body saw through the smoke. Crazy their missing this easy sales opportunity. Imma cop one right quick.
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    Interesting, tested with my Dell Latitude 3340 and shows a TV but it's a Sanyo, not a Samsung.
    How to get PC to support Miracast?-image.png
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  8. xfo
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    Berton said:
    One thing about 6-month old posts, or maybe 6-weeks or maybe 6-days or less, the poster/s usually have either fixed the issue, junked the computer and bought new or moved on to other things.

    I do agree with one of your statements and disagree with a description.
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    Just because it's 6 months old or 6 years old, it can help someone in the future. Because I'm facing issues with my device now.
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