Windows 10: Suddenly - slow access to server folders

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    Suddenly - slow access to server folders

    Haven't seen this anywhere on these forums - yet - but I just have to get to the bottom of this - it's driving me nuts. Or more so, anyway....
    About 45 days ago, I upgraded my PC from Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) to the Windows 10 'replacement', which is Win10 Professional (64-bit). All went extremely well, no problems, the Windows 'upgrade' retained my settings, all 'mapped' network drives were there, everything was totally great. I easily accessed, created and and saved new documents to folder locations on the server with no 'hesitation' whatsoever.
    HOWEVER... SUDDENLY, within the past eight to ten days, where I once had virtually 'immediate' access to shared folders on our aging Windows Server 2003, I now seem to be required to 'wait' for upwards of 8-10 seconds before folders on the server are 'accessible'. For instance: I'm setting up this year's 'fiscal year' folders for my business invoices on the server. As I attempted to create these folders, I had to 'wait' to be able to 'see' and then be able to access the 'Invoices' folder on the shared drive. Then (as I always have done) I 'right-click' within this folder to create the new folder for FY2016 and once again, it takes 8-10 seconds to be able to create this folder, but eventually this is successful. Then I created 'sub-folders' within this folder (IE: "QTR 1") with no delays.. But then in creating a sub-folder within this sub-folder (IE: 01-JAN), there's the same 8-10 second delay. Continuing on with the creation of folders through the full year, SOME are created immediately - OTHERS suffer from this same 'delay'. It is almost as if my PC must 're-negotiate' with the server - determining 'rights' (?) - I dunno, but it truly frustrates me.... I know full well that I MUST replace this old server OS, since Server 2003 is 'dead', but - well, I simply haven't taken the time. Time is money - and I don't have enough... so you know what gets 'first efforts'.
    But since I have been operating like this since BEFORE Windows XP was even released (albeit, yes, on a Windows NT Server, back then) with nothing even resembling this 'hesitation' ... Why now, after this 'mandated' upgrade to Windows 10, is this 'hesitation' appearing in simply accessing what was once practically "immediate'..? The whole network is all CAT-5 'gigabit' Ethernet: both of the switches are gigabit, server connection is gigabit, my PC is gigabit, cripes even the NAS is gigabit (yet another 'storage location' on the network...) and where the NAS was 'slower' earlier, it is now 'faster' to access and store on the NAS instead of the Windows Server. GAH! Does anyone have a clue as to what I can determine is now causing this? This seems to have happened after ALL 12 of our PCs and laptops had been 'upgraded' to Windows 10 from Windows 7 - coincidence..? Or simply another 'conspiracy theory' with Win10 being the 'butt' of the conversation...
    HAILP!! Frustration-city...
    Oh - by the way... I have ONE remaining Windows 7 laptop (which I built specifically to test this) and it has NO hesitation whatsoever when attempting to do the same thing. But EVERY Windows 10 machine performs like this throughout the network. Love it...

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    I suspect your problem is due to Win 10 Security Authentication of connection. Once that has occurred then things move right along. Browse to another folder though and authentication happens again. Shouldn't be that way I know but from my observations this is in fact true.
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    Ah jeez... that's what I feared... A colleague also suggested that my 'upgrade' might also be the problem and suggested that I do a 'clean' install of Windows 10, now that this PC's 'metric' is associated with a license for Win10 - and that the time it takes to troubleshoot issues like this can take longer than a simple 'clean', fresh install of the OS... Especially when installing to an SSD (like mine) FROM a USB flash drive - which is how I've always done Windows 7/8/10 installations. And, in truth, this has been on my mind anyway... Things aren't as 'snappy' as they once were when I first 'migrated' to an SSD. Typical of virtually all Windows installations, things get 'slower' over time, regardless of what you do... And certainly, this overclocked processor does not seem to be as 'quick' as it once was, even when operating from this 256GB SSD. So I guess "it's time"... Dang... JUST what I want to do - spend time 'massaging' my computer OS back into a proper operational state.
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    I wouldn't go as far as a reinstall just yet. Not sure that would solve your issue anyway. You should try a bit of troubleshooting first. Have you rebooted your router lately, like since after you did all the upgrading? Sometimes that will get things corrected. You have a lot of PC's on your network, if the majority of them are online at the same time this could be part of the issue as well. This would be especially true if they were all on a wireless connection including the one or more your noticing this behavior on. My network has about the same amount of connections, a mix of wired and wireless and I do not notice a delay such as yours but I am running a tri-band wireless gigabit router with wired connections through an 8 port gigabit switch.
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    Hmmm... running a 'packet sniffer' is showing me some disturbing things regarding one of our 'new' outdoor wifi APs that were installed this past summer... And it appears, ONE of two identical units is running an 'outdated' firmware version... and it is this unit that is 'throwing alarms' in the packet sniffer (NOT that I'd know a dang thing about what all this shows me...). But flashing this to the new, latest version has now shown an observable speed increase ... which is weird 'cuz all the 'affected' PCs are on a wired connection ... (eh ...??) And right now, only the 'media laptop' (Pandora music thrown around the offices through a Denon amp) is the only thing using wifi ... Which I find curious ... But, hey, I won;t argue with success - or what appears to be success for right now. Time will tell and I'll certainly update if this 'works'...
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    I think you are on the right track. Keep at it and I think you will fix your problems.
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    Same here

    I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

    There is no harm in being sometimes wrong - especially if one is promptly found out.
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       19 May 2016 #8 truth, I'd forgotten all about this post till you reminded me, Bluescreen65... But since January, I've done so much to our network in troubleshooting this, it's become difficult to 'pin' it on one single thing... But arguably, this all seems to boil down to 'network infrastructure' in our case...
    As I troubleshot this, I wound up replacing two of our gigabit switches, a few 'network drops' (new CAT-5 in a few locations), and the Comcast cable modem/router was replaced THREE times (Netgear for a Cisco for an SMC ) ... But now things are 'really rockin'.... Ultimately, I might consider 'pinning' this on Comcast, tho... Our last and final effort brought us the most 'return' by replacing Comcast's SMC router with our own Arris modem and Ubiquiti gigabit router... NOW things are really flying... and when Comcast actually offers 'gigabit Internet' in our area (sometime in July, as I've been told..), we'll see what this does also...
    BTW: during this time, we (meaning I) 'rolled back" Windows 10 to Windows 7 for a number of our PCs and laptops, and only recently 'returned' to Windows 10 for nearly all of these, once again. And, to me it seemed as though the most recent 'updates' to Win10 seemed to have a "more telling affect" on those few computers that seemed to have some 'problems' with "speed of access" to our newly installed "Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2" which I finally was able to install on the server box... So, I guess there's no real 'ultimate culprit' to blame our problem on ... but more likely, a combination of 'issues and efforts' that really 'fixed' it for us. And gee.... it only cost us a few hundred dollars and about three months of effort to achieve what I think is 'proper and adequate' performance... I just hope that others can achieve a resolution faster than it was for us. But based on our experience my input would be: verify the integrity of your network infrastructure ... I believe that ultimately, this was 'the fix'....
    And, oh yeah, a second BTW: During this time span our network and 'number of users' has increased in size to over 20 PCs (laptops included) and 18 full-time 'users'... and the Internet speed from Comcast Business Internet was increased from something like 30MB/s to 100MB/s... and we're just waiting for gigabit to happen... Puh-lease..!!

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