Your Linux based NAS not showing up in Windows File Explorer view? I had this problem with 2 Win 10 PRO installations. Now mind you I have 3 Win 10 Home installs that did not have this issue so if yours is a Win 10 Home install this will not fix your problem.

For some insane reason Win 10 PRO in the default Quick Access view of Win 10 Pro will not display other Domain Controller network computers even when file/printer sharing is enabled properly (I assume yours is). To get around this you have to change the View in File Explorer from Quick Access to This PC which is more like the old Win 7 view.

To have Windows turn on file and printer sharing automatically, while in Explorer view click on Network in the left menu column. If file sharing has not been turned on then you will see a message at the address bar location in Explorer asking if you want to enable sharing, select it to confirm Yes.

To fix the issue with Domain Controller computers not appearing in Explorer view open a new File Explorer window and click on the View tab, then click the drop down arrow on Options. Click on Change folder and search options. In the General tab look for Open File Explorer to: and select This PC from the drop down list. This will change the view of File Explorer but you must first close the reopen the Explorer Window.

Tip: If the other computer you are attempting to see/view is a Domain Controller such as a Linux NAS you will need to do one other important step.

Locate the This PC entry in the left menu column of File Explorer, click to select then right click and choose Add a network location, click next on resulting screen, now type in the path of the share name on the computer you wish to connect. (Example: \\Server\Share) Click next and Windows will locate the server\share location (if the location in not accessible due to incorrect path or permissions this will fail). Once accepted click Next again and you will be prompted to enter a name for the location, now be careful here as what you enter here will appear in the view of File Explorer. Enter you choice for a name and click Next again.

The wizard will create a new shortcut for you to the network location specified which will appear in the view space under Network Locations. You can now open the share folder by double clicking on the created shortcut.