Hey everybody,

Just been having an issue with bridged connections. I work from home, but the home unit my job provided doesn't have a wireless function. To get around it (I'm in a small apartment and there's just not a way to realistically get the unit over to the router), I had been putting the ethernet cable in my HP laptop and bridging the wireless connection. It's been working fine for the last year or so, no issues whatsoever. (Have had the laptop since early 2012, Windows 7 equipped)

I recently got an Acer Aspire and have tried doing the same thing with two different connections. After about 5 minutes, my work client says "connection lost" and cuts back to the start screen where I have to reconnect. Everything looks like it should be in order--I'm using the same wireless connections that worked before, same everything else--but it kept doing this until I switched back to the old laptop. My immediate reaction was that it had something to do with Windows 10, but I honestly have no idea. Is there a way to get this set up so it won't randomly disconnect every few minutes? Thanks!