Hi, I've recently bought a DELL venue pro 11 with Win 10. I've updated to V1511 build 10586.29.

I'm trying to access shared drives on a Win 7 PC over wifi but I can only access the public folder not any other shares, even though their permissions are "full control" for everyone.

Initially, the networked Win 7 pc would show in File explorer on the Win 10 tablet but wouldn't open on double-clicking giving a "Cannot open ...... the network path cannot be found" message.

Pressing cancel and double clicking again usually opened the location and displayed the shares but I get the "You do not have permission... " message when trying to open shares other than the public folder.

Rebooting the tablet and trying again gave the same "network path can't be found message" and clicking the troubleshooter gave the "Missing network protocols" message discussed in another post in this forum.

Applying the fixes for this problem given by DaveI in the "Win10 suddenly stopped seeing other computers on network" thread allowed me to access the networked location without errors/messages but I still can't access shares other than the public folder due to the "permissions" issues.

Going the other way, I can happily browse the Win 10 tablet shares from the Win 7 PC without issues however.

Both PC's are in the default workgroup (WORKGROUP). The network/sharing options are discovery "on", File/Printer Sharing "On", Password protected sharing "Off" Public folder sharing "on" for all network types and I have use 128bit encryption turned "on" in both cases.

From what I can tell the management of shares in 10 is a bit shonkey and many people are struggling with it so maybe an update is required further down the line, but I would be grateful if anyone has any solutions as it's "quite frustrating"