I just bought a new Windows 10 laptop, and I have (successfully) connected/shared my old Windows 7 laptop to my Windows 10 laptop (via an Ethernet cable) so that I can copy files from the old to the new. An odd problem has occurred: When attempting to copy some folders (e.g., "My Pictures", "My Music"), only a portion of the existing files are getting copied. When I look at the "Properties" of the folder on my old computer, I see the true folder size and number of files in that folder. However, when I view the properties of that same folder on my new computer (via the shared network; and before I initiate any copying to the new computer), the folder size and number of files is far less. For other folders I've shared between the two computers, all files are present and accounted for (e.g., "My Documents"). For the folders on my old laptop where the folder size and file count don't match what I see on the new laptop, I have "unshared" those folders and "re-shared" them to see if that made any difference, and it didn't (even after rebooting both laptops). Any ideas why I'm not seeing the same folder size and number of files for the same folder when viewed on my old laptop and when viewed as a networked/shared folder on my new laptop (before any copying)?