I only have this problem with Win10 Pro x64, regardless of the version/build numbers. After making a few connections to my network location that I add, in this case a WebDAV file server for school I use, Windows will eventually decide that the location doesn't exist anymore. If I remove the drive, and add it again via "Add a Network Location", no matter what address I enter, the location "...doesn't exist...". The wizard will start, I give it an address, and after a few moments it tells me it cannot find the drive, while the Windows Security box's bar is still moving from left to right trying to connect.

If I use a third-party program, it will work at first like above, but after I connect so many times after system shut downs, these programs will eventually stop working too (but they at least retain a cache so I can view my drive offline); this is because Windows Explorer decides again the location doesn't exist. If I decide to boot via my Win8.1 install, it works as I would expect it to.

I've done everything I can think of to rule it out including:
  • Disable AV suite
  • Make sure networking related services are running
  • Use DMZ on router briefly to rule it out
  • Using Windows Troubleshooter
  • Disable firewall

Interesting enough, this is a relatively clean install. My first Win10 install had huge problems with the v1151 update, so I formatted and installed Win10 v1511. This problem, exactly the same, occurred with my first install too, eventually just ceasing to work like now.

At this point, I'm lost and don't know if this can be fixed, or if this is another problem to add to the list of "Windows 10 killed networking in general".

Here's a CBS log if anyone is curious, but fixing with an install.wim repair doesn't change it, nor does it probably help that I change my login background which I know also makes the system find errors.

It'd be great if this is something that can be fixed :)