This is going to sound a little strange however I hope that I manage to explain this well.

My work PC is connected to a small business server and am able to access my desktop and a shared drive from outside using a security certificate that I needed to install and the Microsoft RDP service which is fine, this seems to stream my work desk pc to me as if I was actually say in the office rather than at home which is nice however.... its extremely slow and there is approx. 10 seconds delay between each click even though my home internet connection is a 200 MB / 20MB download / upload via Virgin Media and the office network is BT Infinity.

Is there anyway of simply mapping my office PC and the shared drive without having to load up the RDP software each time and put up with the slug like performance? Looking for at having perhaps a few files on my home laptop that I can simple click on to explore both the desktop at work and the shared drive.

I am able to establish a VPN and connect that way however that only allows me to view the shared directory and not any files / folders on my office pc.

Anyone help (and I hope that what I have put actually makes sense )