In my home network I have several computers. A Kubuntu Linux server, a windows 10 laptop and a window 8.1 desktop.
Under Kubuntu I have setup several Samba shares for things like videos/photos/music, etc. From the Kubuntu side everything seems to be fine, I can see all three computers on my network and can quite happily access all computers too. Same goes for the Win 8.1 desktop, I can see the Kubuntu shares and my Windows 10 laptop no problem.
However, on my Windows 10 laptop I can only see the Windwos 8.1 desktop. I can't even see the Kubuntu server name at all, nevermind access the shares. I have rebooted the Kubuntu machine and stopped and started Samba on numerous occasions. I have rebooted my windows 10 laptop. I have rebooted routers and modems...all to no avail. No matter what I do I simply cannot see the Kubuntu server under the Network section of windows explorer

Now, if I do a \\ in the windows explorer bar then I can access it, but this is really only a temporary solution as some windows apps need to see the machine name under network in order to access the shared drives. But it does prove that the Kubuntu server is accessible from the windows machine.

Since the Windows 8.1 desktop is not having this issue then I have to assume it's an issue related to Windows 10.

I'm hoping other people have experienced this issue and have a fix for it.

I am on OS Build: 10586.17, version 1511.