I have read here in the forums about this issue in the title, but also wanted to expand onto the router

Just installed Win10 Pro 64-bit cleanly (build 10245). No device drivers installed or anything like that except the Ethernet. Once that was active Win 10 installed build 1511 (btw, this is 2 computers with clean Win10)

Verified that Win10 if now build 1511 I proceeded to install all drivers and some programs. None of the privacy settings have yet to be messed with yet. Double checked in the advanced network settings and all the settings match the other Win10 system and I checked with a Windows 7 and 8.1 system.

But two things are occurring for me; Win 10 not seeing the NAS boxes and not seeing the external drive connected to my router.

Like what I read I can type the NAS box name and everything shows up, but cannot see those boxes if I just click "network".

Same with my external device on my router, actually it does not even see the router. Win 7 and 8.1 has the router listed in the devices. My home theater amplifier is also showing up in the Win 10. But no NAS box or external.

Has anyone found an answer or is this going to be a "wait for Micro" on this?

As always, thank you to everyone.