I have a few internet radios in the house, mostly older Reciva-based radios, with the latest firmware. Some are connected to the LAN, some connect wirelessly. They have a setting which allows them to remain on the network in standby mode, the idea of this being that they start up from standby much quicker - if they are set to disconnect in standby, they take longer to restart, which is annoying.

So far, this was all well and good. However, when my son upgraded his PC to Windows 10, every so often one or other of the radios start up spontaneously. This also happened when I put Windows 10 on an old laptop. There is no rhyme or reason to it; Windows 10 just seems to do something on the network which is causing these radios to start up. Including the bedroom radio at 2:30am on one occasion. And no, the radio settings menus do not mention wake-on-LAN.

I do have some other internet radios: a more recent Reciva-based one, and Frontier Silcon based radios - these are not affected.

What could Windows 10 be doing on the network that could be causing this, and is there any way of stopping it (apart from setting the radios to disconnect in standby, obviously) ?