Here is the updated list of services to change to AUTOMATIC and do a one by one RESTART.

There are a few new ones listed which when set to automatic and restarted got my network displaying
once again in the File Explorer panel.

RUN SERVICES.MSC to get to the services panel.

If you find any set to MANUAL, go to that service Right Click > Properties > Then change the STARTUP TYPE in the dropdown menu to AUTOMATIC.

Click APPLY > RESTART that service.

* Computer Browser
* DHCP Client
* DNS Client
* Function Discovery Provider Host
* Function Discovery Resource Publication
* HomeGroup Listener
* HomeGroup Provider
* IP Helper
* Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup
* Network Connections
* Network List Service
* Network Location Awareness
* Peer Networking Grouping
* Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
* Server
* SSDP Discovery
* TCP/IP Netbios helper
* UPnP Device Host
* WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service
* Workstation