Hi team, I have the user recently bought a new Tablet with Windows10 installed but unable to connect to wifi
User has bought a new Sony Tablet with Windows 10 installed. Whenhe search for a wifi , he could see SSID available on his machine and Signalstrength is good. However when He clicks "Connect". The tablet willkeep being disconnected from the Wifi Network.
When other users who are on Tablet (HP)/Desktop/Laptop are able toconnect to Wifi Network with no issue
When his machine is on the other location (Airport, MCDonald) ,working fine.
the troubleshooting that I have done are
- Restart the device
- Reinstall Old/New Version of Wifi Drivers on the tablet
- Disabled Firewall on Tablet/Access Point
- Disabled Password on Access Point
- Restart the access point
- Set the MAC Address to allow the tablet access to Wifi on AccessPoint
- Set the IP Reservation for this Tablet
- Set the Wireless LAN on Tablet to b/n/g

None of the troubleshooting above work for me
Can you please advise ?