Hello everyone,

First post here and hoping someone may be able to help.

There may possibly be an answer to this problem already but after spending over hour and half trying I have been unable to find it so if there is I apologise for duplication.

I am not the most technically minded person but have basic knowledge... please bear with me if I sound stupid!

Recently upgraded from Windows 8 to 10, since then the external hard drive that is plugged into my home hub, the SD memory card which is in the printer (also connected to the home hub) are both not showing up under My Computer (they both were when running Windows 8).

I have tried searching for them (as best I can) and cannot find either, I have tried updating drivers for the two devices and been informed by the computer that the most up-to-date drivers are already installed.

I have also tried rebooting the home hub to see if that would 'kick start' it into appearing.

Both were working fine when in Windows 8, and appeared as their own icons when clicked on Network under File Explorer.

Any guidance would be greatfully received.... thank you in advance