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Hi, Paul.

TH2 is the big fall update everyone was waiting for. The initial Release To Market version of Windows 10 was build 10240 - released 29 July 2015. This new release (referred to many as TH2, short for Threshold 2) was released to public back around November 13, numbered build 10586. I think the full numbered build at that point was 10586.3.

Since then, that build was pulled by Microsoft from Windows Update and then most Media Creation Tool avenues, and maybe from the TechBench avenue (these are all alternate sources for Windows 10 public releases). THEN the 10586 build was restored by Microsoft to all of these avenues. There are lots of threads here expressing concern, frustration, and other attitudes with these developments and I may not have exact dates. Suffice it to say all seems to be back on track with "TH2" (another moniker will be version 1511, short for 2015 November build). Nonetheless, I have a few niggling issues with the latest build that weren't there in the prior build 10240.

There have been subsequent Windows Updates rolled out to move the Windows 10 version up from 10586.3 to version 10586.11, and finally 10586.14 - which is the build I have right now (and hasn't resolved this annoyance with airplane mode button coloration for me). You can check your build by entering the following at an elevated (admin) command prompt: winver
OK thank you for helping me out mate. Cheers Paul.