Hello friends,

Okay, so I got my 13 static IPs from Comcast. The sales rep said they offered modems so, I got the impression I'd get a modem with 13 Ethernet ports to carry the IPs but, the installer said they don't carry anything with 13 Ethernet ports and that they only carried gateways with 4 Ethernet ports and that I can get my own switch if desired. That's not a huge issue; it may just be a simple miscommunication that I have my own share of responsibility for but, I'm currently waiting for a reply e-mail from the sales rep... I now need to know how to/if I can setup my http://www.asus.com/us/Networking/RTAC68U/ to broadcast the IPs. Any ideas?

Sorry for posting on the multiple sites but, my hope is more people will get to see it..