Since the new windows update my internet has been dropping with the event id 16002 saying,

Closing a UDP socket with local port number 52908 in process 1644 is taking longer than expected. The local port number may not be available until the close operation is completed. This happens typically due to misbehaving network drivers. Ensure latest updates are installed for Windows and any third-party networking software including NIC drivers, firewalls, or other security products.

So I want to try reinstalling my driver to see if that fixes it, in my device manager it says I have Broadcom Netlink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet and Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter. It's confusing because the Gigabit ethernet version is on but that seems to be a newer version then anywhere on the broadcom site.

Can anyone help me track down what I need to download? I'm on W10 64 bit if that helps anything.