I have a couple of Noontec Media stations (A6s) and V6. Prior to installing W10 on my 2 computer that stored my media files, I was able to stream from Windows XP and I think Windows 7. Now I am asked for a Net User Id and password. I have tried existing username/password from the computer, I have tried "Anonymous" after activating the Guest account but i always get "Logon Failed"

I think it has to do with the guest account no longer a part of W10. I can see it in a command prompt by typing "NET USER" and I have activated it there, but it doesnt appear as an option in control panel or as a possible logon or switch user option.

I have 5 computers on lan or wifi networked in the same homegroup, but the media player is a challenge I cannot work out.

I also tried streaming to a Wii with no success and I am willing to try unused Sony PS3 if that might work.

Any Ideas?