Windows 10: Network Protocols Solved

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       10 Mar 2016 #161

    Just to add to this, I just cleaned up a computer and the removal of several virus-loaded files and a little over a hundred malware the No Internet Access flag showed up with the yellow ! on the Network icon. I had Network access to my printers and NAS drives and could Ping several sites so checked further, ended up uninstalling the Network adapter, rebooted and it got reinstalled, problem fixed.
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  2.    10 Mar 2016 #162

    Got same error everyone in this thread was complaining about

    gtx said: View Post
    This took me three hours to solve. I first tried updating the Broadcom ethernet driver card, which I had to manually uninstall and then reinstall. Broadcom's website Ethernet NIC NetXtreme I Desktop/Mobile | Broadcom (v17.2.0.2 vs v15.6.1.3). This didn't work although I liked how this driver, as opposed to the older version, was listed for Windows 10. I then rebooted my network router and everything worked perfectly. Argh, if only I had tried that earlier in the process!
    I tried a bunch of the things listed in this thread short of reinstalling Windows 10 and nothing worked. However, the simple act of rebooting my IPS's cable modem resolved the issue! I couldn't believe it. 5 to 6 hours reading various threads, trying different resolutions, uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, restoring windows back to a previous saved points, and nothing worked. I was about to give up and reinstall Windows when I saw someone mentioned rebooting the router - the ONE thing I didn't try so I tried it and bang, everything works again. What was SO strange is, my problem wasn't that I couldn't get to the internet, because I could, my problem was my mapped network drives had stopped working - I could no longer access my other's computers shared folders. I couldn't believe rebooting the cable modem solved THAT problem - I have no clue how those two things would be related!
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  3.    10 Mar 2016 #163

    I don't have a problem with the maintenance starting my machine up to do work on it. Why can the system not turn itself off when completed? I am often out for ages and the risk of fire from running computers unattended is quite high, as is the additional use of power, which to me is what hibernation is all about. Strangely it only happens on one of my two desktops (both with the same settings), and never on my laptop.
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  4.    11 Mar 2016 #164

    [QUOTE=btr63;596815]I tried a bunch of the things listed in this thread short of reinstalling Windows 10 and nothing worked. However, the simple act of rebooting my IPS's cable modem resolved the issue!

    I had this problem, but had a bunch of clues that it had nothing to do with the computer. I was running an app on a phone, using wireless, displaying movie trailers that was working. I also had an old laptop that was about to be upgraded to Windows 10 that was currently running Windows 7. None of the computers in the house could access the internet, yet the phone app was working fine. I ran network diagnostics on the Windows 10 machines and got the missing protocols error, I ran network diagnostics on the Windows 7 machine and got - ta da - Cannot connect to DNS server. I called my provider and had them reboot their DNS server and everything was fine ( of course before they would even look at their server I had to reboot everything, unplug the modem, reset the modem and so on. They couldn't figure out that if the phone app (which used a fixed IP) worked and all my computers didn't, that it might just be on their end.
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       11 Mar 2016 #165

    If your machine is running correctly, you should not have to turn off any "Anti-Virus" or "Firewall" -- There is something else Wrong.

    That Microsoft Update caused problems with many different machines. The update does work, but I think Microsoft is changing the way there updates are done and they are still feeling the growing pains. The update comes as one big package to save on overhead, but they are essentially multiple pieces of updates that have to be installed in a certain sequence. If the machine is turned off or the update is interrupted this cause the update to not function correctly. SOLUTION
    1. Re-boot your machine at least 3 times and let the updates do there thing.
    2. Go to Setting => Updates => un-install the last update and let Windows re-install it --
    Sometime it takes 3 Reboots to complete the process.
    3. If your WiFi is no longer work -- you may be able to assume that there was an update for that device -- that went south - and the update failed. Go to and look for Vendor and New Driver if any. Info you need. . . Device Manager => Network Adapters => "WiFi Vendor" => Right Click => Properties => Details => Hardware ID => VEN_168C / DEV_0032 this is the Vendor and Device Codes --- Sample entry [ PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0032&SUBSYS_02091028&REV_01] use this info at PCI Data Base .Com --- it is the 4 Digit Code 168C and 0032
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       11 Mar 2016 #166

    btr63 said: View Post
    Cannot connect to DNS Sever.
    Google DNS Servers Primary Secondary
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       11 Mar 2016 #167

    Cannot connect to DNS server issue means your computer cannot negotiate successfully with the router to get the IP address of the site you are trying to load. If you have manual IP settings, check them if they are correct or try automatic (DHCP). If you have automatic IP (DHCP enabled), then try restarting the DHCP client and DNS client services. Also try power0cycle the router and any switch you may have (turn off for a few seconds and back on again). If you have some spare network cables, try these as well to exclude the case that a faulty cable gives issues. If all these are OK and provided your firewall is configured properly so it doesn't block access to the router or some useful port, it is 99% a faulty network driver. Try another driver. While uninstalling and installing drivers and applications, prefer to right-click on them and Run as Administrator, just in case, to make sure the installation won't fail because or access rights. Also disable temporarily your Antivirus to make sure it won't interfere and interrupt the process. That's all I can suggest. I hope you'll manage to solve your issues. Think positive!
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  8.    15 Mar 2016 #168

    I tried everything, commands, settings, deleted, reinstalled drivers, everything on the internet.
    What worked and did by myself (on Windows 10):
    1. Download a driver manager (Driver Genius, Driver Magic etc.) - you need to buy one or get one cracked - free ones do NOT work
    2. Scan for driver updates.
    3. Download and install the driver or drivers you need for your network connection (it includes a word like "wireless" or "ethernet" or "wlan", everything like that)
    4. If it installs a new program, use it and configure your network setting there.
    You should also install all the drivers recommended by the driver manager and run windows update.
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  9.    18 Mar 2016 #169

    I know how weird this is going to sound.

    I have been following this thread for the past few days and I know how experienced some of you are, but I decided to try something myself and it worked.

    Windows key -> Settings -> Network & Internet -> Proxy and check if there's anything in the Proxy data inputs. Every once in awhile their's some Proxy IP's in there even without me inputting anything. I normally just erase the proxy input content and then turn off the Proxy.

    That is what caused my error at least.

    Hope that helps some of you guys. :)
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       18 Mar 2016 #170

    Well a free driver utility that seems to work is Snappy Driver Installer. You don't have to download the full version that has every possible driver (and useless for most of us). You can download the lite version and then install it, run it and check to download and install only Wi-Fi or LAN related drivers. The full version is intended for Technicians that want to install drivers offline on a new installation without having to connect to the internet. However I don't trust any automatic driver utility. I'd rather manually find the proper driver, download and install it to make sure it's done correctly and I enable all device features (not just make it work). The choice is yours. As said before, if everything else is OK and still doesn't work, then you got your driver wrong. Make sure you have installed the right driver and have configured it properly if applicable, and it should work.
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