Summary: My windows 10 computer says the network has internet access, but I can't actually access anything on the internet. I know the internet is working because I have multiple other devices connecting, including a windows 7 computer. The computer can also see each other over the network.

The computer connects via an ethernet connection.

Things I have tried:
resetting the modem
safe mode with network
system restore

Background: Windows 10 had been running well until about a week ago. I had a momentary power outage and lost internet access to all devices. I was able to reconnect most things via restarting. The windows 10 computer didn't reconnect until I did the ipconfig/renew command. I had no other problems until the computer stopped connecting two days ago.

I'm not sure if the event is related.

At the moment I'm not sure of what else to try except uninstalling/reinstalling windows, but I'm hoping to avoid that step.

Thank you very much for your help.