Network In Safe Mode Not Working Solved

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  1.    29 Nov 2015 #11

    Upgraded via updates to version/build 10586 and the issue still exists. I am of the impression there is a 'permission' thing somewhere as the issue was inherited from the previous build. I even went to msconfig select BOOT select Safe Mode and check NETWORK and it still ignores the command. Any more ideas? other than why do I use it?
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       29 Nov 2015 #12

    There was nothing inherited. Safe mode is not for installing updates. It is for troubleshooting.
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  3.    29 Nov 2015 #13

    I must've not been very clear with the last post, either that or bro67 has some sort of dislike for Safe Mode with Networking. I did not update the current build through that method, I did it normally through the normal desktop; Settings> Update & Security Windows Update,recovery,backup. What I am saying is the new build also doesn't allow SMwN to work either. Prior to that I also did an 'inplace Windows 10 install/refresh' using an .ISO placed on a 2.0USB using the build released on July 29th.

    As stated the SMwN did work for several months (three to be exact) then suddenly stopped working. My desktop functions normally thank goodness and haven't really had any other issues (other than a few 'pilot errors') I am here in hopes someone may know of a setting I may have over looked that may have been toggled off concerning SMwN. I can boot to SM and again the only issue is the Network part is a no go. Snide remarks about what Safe Mode is and how it is used is not what I am seeking. So let's don't waste each others time with those.
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  4. bro67's Avatar
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       30 Nov 2015 #14

    Do not know what your issue is. You are trying to do something in a mode that is not meant to be used the way that you are using it for. You cannot use Safe Mode to install software and in some cases, Network adapters do not always get enabled by default, because they are not tagged by Microsoft for the drivers to be valid in what they allow Safe Mode to load.

    You keep wanting to argue about something that is not broken, but think that those of us that know what Safe Mode is about, do not hear you.

    You have to stop blaming something that there was never an issue to begin with.
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  5.    30 Nov 2015 #15

    I have clearly stated many times that SMwN stopped working after working for several months. I never once said I used it to do anything other than state the fact that it has stopped working. IT IS BROKE. Signed Network drivers are enabled in SMwN, just as in Normal mode, that is the whole point of the OP. Why do you think there are 3 different types of Safe Mode?

    Lets not confuse no answers with no problems.

    After working on and off on this over over the last few weeks found the answer. What it was was my user account had gotten corrupted (Admin) and found by creating another user account was able to experience full functionality. So we'll just mark this one up as solved.
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  6. bro67's Avatar
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       30 Nov 2015 #16

    Again nothing stopped working in Safe Mode. Microsoft just tightened up the OS, to keep bad user habits from screwing up the OS.

    Again Safe Mode as it states in the huge disclaimer that comes up when you log in. That it is a troubleshooting and also used to remove stubborn malware.

    It was never intended to allow someone to go outside of the LAN to install programs or surf the web.

    Also as I mentioned before. Certain drivers do not get enabled in Safe Mode, because of the code that the writer who made the code, set the driver to be disabled when the computer is in safe mode.

    I really do not know why you are trying to start an argument on something that was never broken to begin with.
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  7.    30 Nov 2015 #17

    Not trying to start an argurment just clearing the air...bro67 you seem to think SMwN doesn't connect to the internet when it most certainly does.
    Once again there are Three Different Types of Safe Mode all three have their purposes that I am well acquainted with have been using for twenty yrs or more.

    As stated before my issue with that was my user account profile had gotten corrupted and no matter if I refreshed the OS or installed the November build they were installed to my (one and only) profile and that was the inherited part I was hinting at. By creating another user profile functionality returned up to and including SMwN and connecting to the internet. MS never restricted use of Safe Modes they are still the same as they ever where. Below is straight from MS:-
    Safe Mode with Networking starts Windows 10 using the most basic drivers that are required to get Windows to run. It will not start any programs automatically, but will start the networking subsystem so that you can access the Internet.
    thats all I was saying my friend my subsystem stopped and I have since returned it's functionality. I also found that corrupted users profiles can happen if you happen to logon while the AV is doing a more reason just to leave it running 24/7. Now that to me shouldn't happen there should be some sort of fail-safe thing but especially now with W10 it is a real hazard. That too came from MS.
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  8.    01 Dec 2015 #18

    I think what the confusion was about is that when booting to SMwN the internet connection icon in the Task Bar will display a red X, although it is indeed connected, that is an OS bug. When first using W10 I also thought there was no connection in that mode and was mildly surprised when it brought up the Bing/W10 Help Page browser while showing 'no connection' ......clearly a bug.
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  9.    02 Dec 2015 #19

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NoSMwN.jpg 
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ID:	51574Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SMwN.jpg 
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ID:	51575

    Thought I'd show the two in passing. Notice the one below shows connected to the browser yet the icon in the task bar shows a red X even when it is connected. This bug may have caused some confusion.
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  10.    03 Dec 2015 #20

    Found a solution on another website

    After booting into Safemode with Networking:

    1: Click the Network icon prior to logging in as a user, you will be able to connect to a network.

    2: Should the user account have auto logged in, press CTRL, ALT and DEL and then click the network icon, you will now be able to connect to a network

    I had the same issue where I couldn't connect to Wifi in safemode w/ networking after logging in, however this method worked for me. However, once I logged in the taskbar button in the lower right still showed a red x, representing I was not connected, even though I was.
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