Windows 10: No network after Windows 10 build 10586 update Solved

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  1.    21 Dec 2015 #21

    The 1511 (10586) update was released into the wild by Microsoft four times last month. Microsoft pulled the third version itself after a couple days. Last week, Microsoft released a fifth version of this update. I spent most of November on this problem. I could get it working for no more than a couple days, and when it crashed, it crashed hard, destroying the recovery partition, disabling the event log, and other problems I've posted. I found piece of mind only after reverting to Windows 8.1.

    Microsoft is pushing us into the false promise to trust them without questioning. They keep modifying the Windows Update to apply updates automatically as they are released. If running off Azure, Microsoft applies updates without notice. I run my own WSUS server so I have some control. but it's near impossible to find any information about the updates that's needed to make a determination to accept or reject and update. Can anyone find any Microsoft notice that the 1511 update as been revised and reposted five times or that it destroys Windows 10 machines making them unrecoverable?

    I follow CERT, NIST, Norton, McAfee, and Microsoft notices of computer vulnerabilities. The 1511 update wasn't mentioned at all, even though it is so prevalent and destructive. Most users don't stand a chance dealing with recovering from the 1511 update.
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  2.    27 Dec 2015 #22

    Dear Colleagues,
    let me have a SOLVED addition to my last entry. I was successful in upgrading two computers with the method as follows.
    You need to download the upgrade from somewhere, say MSDN. I have the ver 10586.0. You need to have it ready on the HDD of the computer to be upgraded. then the network should be galvanically disconnected (unplugged) and then you can start the upgrade.
    My experience is that in case you do not disconnect the network then the system uses the "poisoned" version for the upgrade and finally you get the disconnected forever version of W10 - believe me, I tried it and the computer upgraded this way is still dead. If the upgrade cannot access the network then it uses the usable version. After the final reboot of the upgrade the network can be reconnected and you are ready, the system is up and running.
    God save Microsoft as wihout them we were unemployed!
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  3.    04 Feb 2016 #23

    Solved: Thank you!

    arthurc604 said: View Post

    I've solved my problem with: netcfg -d
    Thank you very Much! This solved the problem.

    BTW: just to be clear on what was going on, hyper-v create a virtual network device and that' s the device use for IPv4/6 connectivity, also by the physical machine. The real NIC should only have the virtual hyper-v switch protocol enabled and is used to route traffic between VMs, the physical machine and the real cable.

    After the update, the real NIC had all protocols enabled but not the hyper-v switch, the hyper-v virtual nic was disabled, and any attempt to change this settings ended with some kind on error. Even Ipconfig was not showing but an empty result.

    with netcfg -d after the reboot, the hyper-v virtual nic was deleted, and only the real NIC card was showing and working.

    Now I have to reconfigure HyperV card.. but that will be trivial (i hope).
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  4.    05 Feb 2016 #24

    bro67 said: View Post
    Did you reinstall the drivers?
    I had the same problem and uninstalled the driver. Re-booted and win 10 installed the driver and all it working.
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  5.    20 Feb 2016 #25

    I'm suffering similarly after upgrading. I suspect it's something to do with having the PC set up previously as a work group, which isn't an option with Win 10 build 10586. I cannot create home group.

    Internet access is fine, via a CAT5 cable to the router, which is less than a metre away. No problems there.

    The default gateway is a bog standard, the same as the proxy for the DNS.

    I can see, read and write files on my Win 7 laptop from PC, but the Laptop cannot open the PC (just sits - no response, no activity at all, no error message) even though the computer is present in the Network window. Both computers are in the same workgroup.

    I have exactly the same error messages and shortcomings as above. And I can't create the private network required for a home group.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Network1.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Network2.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Network3.jpg 
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    I have replaced and updated the network card driver (Realtek) and made suggested changes to Network Settings in the Registry. I've done all the things listed above, including running " netcfg -d" and more, but no change.

    There's no wireless NIC card so everything's blank in that area.

    Have MS forgotten that desktop PCs aren't phones or tablets?

    I commiserate with others in the same predicament, but I really don't relish uninstalling and re-installing lots of heavyweight programs like Office and AdobeCS if the only solution is a major repair/re-install of Windows 10. On the face of it. it appears either something is missing or hasn't been brought into play.
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  6.    22 Feb 2016 #26

    Re-imaging seemed the only way forward

    JohnD said: View Post
    I'm suffering similarly after upgrading. I suspect it's something to do with having the PC set up previously as a work group, which isn't an option with Win 10 build 10586. I cannot create home group.
    In the end I backed up all the data and used a week old image to re-image the C: drive. All is now well.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NetworkCorrect.jpg 
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    I suspect Windows update KB3135173 is responsible for the foul-ups judging by the amount of activity in support forums. (e.g. KB3135173 file types - Google Search)

    Good luck everyone.
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  7.    18 Jul 2016 #27

    Well, now I have another PC where 10 is refusing to talk to the outside world. Fresh online update to 1511 which also automatically downloaded the July 12, 2016 Servicing Stack Update (that's the only update it downloaded).

    System is a Dell Inspiron 530 mini tower with 4 gig RAM, upgraded with a Core 2 Quad. There were 2 versions of this model, one can take a Quad core, the other can't.

    It *had* working internet for a few hours after it was done with the upgrade then *blip* no internet. On this one the troubleshooters insist they can find no problem at all.

    Just ran an elevated command prompt, entered netcfg -d then rebooted after it said it couldn't automatically reboot. Glory be! It has internet access again, at least until the next time it decided to not have.
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