Hi Please , I have had a wired network 1 to 1 computer working at home for quite some time , I just use a network cable (x over) , but this morning, file transfers where very slow , only thing that has changed is a update to windows 7 on my computers.

One computers has a usb Wireless connection for internet.

Both Computers have 1GB network cards and a suitable network x over cable connected

Both computers are running the same version of windows 7

When I look at my "network and sharing centre"

It shows My local area connection is on a unidentified network

My home network has the wireless usb for its connection on my main computer

I followed this basic guide How to Connect two Computer in a Local Area Network ( LAN ) using Cat5 cable: - YouTube

But still my connection is very flaky.

I cannot understand why this has been working for months , but now when I click into a directory it takes a very long time to open up a directory via network , if I try to transfer a file , it does not work.

plus when I try to copy files to one computer, it starts but then just locks , but if I try to copy a file across from the other computer then it just says access denied or a error occurred while trying to reconnect

I have tried to ping each computer , it pings 3 times , then closes the window ! I used this for info for pinging....http://kb.laplink.com/index.php/article/printer/171

I have also done a Ping -t it continues to ping on both computers :- both showing reply : ip address : bytes =32 time <1ms TTL 128

I keep getting this error message :-

I keep getting this message .

I get the message

An error occurred while reconnecting to Z: to \\duplicator-pc\e
Microsoft windows network : the local device name is already in use.

This connection has not been restore

I really have made a mess !!

Help please...... Its driving me round the bend