A bit of background (or maybe a separate problem, in which case please give advice) is that my PC (ethernet) had been disconnecting from my router while my phone on WiFi remained connected. I reset my router each time which solved it for a while. It's been fine for now again, hopefully.
I have a Buffalo brand router with DD-WRT firmware.

What's acting up now is not being able to connect to my PC from my phone. I tried disabling my firewall and rebooting. It's 2 separate services, so it doesn't seem specific to the applications.
I use OpenVPN and have tried with and without it connected, also without it running. I have VMWare on my PC which I seldom use and it has some virtual adapters. I don't know what's changed in the last couple days to make this happen.
Funny thing is that I can always connect to my PC while it's on VPN usually, which concerns me.

Let me know if you guys have some troubleshooting info.