I have a HP 17 p180ca laptop windows 10 trying to send files via Bluetooth from my Samsung S6.
When I turn Bluetooth on, on both devices my S6 will say paired but when I select the laptop it won't change to connecting and then connected like with any other Bluetooth device I have but apparently the devices are connected. The laptop WILL say connected. Now when I try to send a file, picture or anything else from my phone to my laptop where normally on say another phone or tablet I will get a pop up saying someone is trying to send me a file this notification doesn't come up on the laptop. I spoke with a HP tech and we finally figured out that before trying to send the file I need to right click on the Bluetooth icon on my laptop, then select receive file and then send the file from my device. This seems to be somewhat of an odd procedure and was wondering if there is a way so that a pop up notification comes up and able to accept the file.