I posted this on the Microsoft Community Help board and got little to no attention from the support engineers. Hopefully someone here can help.

I am having a recent problem with Windows 10. I have been running Windows 10 Home Edition from an on-line upgrade on my Lenovo Y510P for months with no issues. About a week ago, I started noticing that after a restart, my system tray icons for Audio and Network (either Wi-Fi or Ethernet) would start out fine but about half-way through the start up process would become marked with a red X or a warning yellow triangle with an exclamation point.

The Audio can be restarted either by running the trouble shooter or turning on the WinAudio service. The Ethernet actually works just fine but the yellow triangle warning icon persists and claims to either be constantly identifying the network or displays that the connection is unknown. Running the trouble shooter finds no problems. The Wi-Fi system tray icon appears with it's obligatory warning triangle and the Wi-Fi will connect to a known network if in range, but there is no Wi-Fi Icon in the Action Center, and no Wi-Fi entry in the Network & Internet Settings list either.

If you list the adapters in Network Connections, the Wi-Fi does appear and you can access the properties for the adapter, but if you try to select connect/disconnect from the context sensitive menu, it does not open a list of locally available networks, instead you are taken back to the All Settings Screen. Likewise if you run the trouble shooter on the Wi-Fi adapter when away from a known local Wi-Fi network, the troubleshooter tells you to pick a network from a list. When you click on the link, you are not taken to a list of networks, but rather back to the All Settings screen.

I have updated the drivers for the audio and both network adapters, The device manager claims all devices are operating appropriately. Malwarebytes reveals nothing.

I suspected the problem might be related shared service dependencies, but the problem persists through a clean boot in which both services and start-up items were tested. Neither a system scan nor a DISM repair revealed any corrupt system files.

I did notice that if I click on the "connect to the internet" icon on the log in screen, I do get a list of the dozen or so available Wi-Fi networks in my immediate vicinity. I can not see that list anywhere once I log into Windows 10 proper.

I created installation media (burned the Win 10 .ISO to a DVD) and performed a reinstall of Windows 10 which allowed me to keep my installed apps. I'm guessing both this and the basic system refresh maintain many settings and registry entries that are likely the source of my problem. Reinstalling Windows 10 did not resolve my issues.

I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?