"Permissions" problems: can't share files on home LAN computers

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    windows 10 64 bit

    "Permissions" problems: can't share files on home LAN computers

    I've got a LAN in my home/office with 5 machines now running Win 10 and I've not been able to transfer files between them due to "permission problems". These were all running Win 7 and sharing files with no problems but now I'm blocked. I've made every "advanced" change I can think of to networking and sharing screens and to firewall screens. The machines can see each other in File Explorer but "access denied" on transferring anything but vanilla homegroup folders. Anybody got some insights on "permissions" to share? I sure need help. Many thanks!
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    When you define your shares, add the Everyone account with whatever access level you want. Read, Read\Execute or Full Control then Share it.

    For instance, to make the C: drive available to other network computers:

    Add Everyone:

    Open This PC
    Right click on C: and select Properties
    Click on the Security tab
    Click the Edit button under Group or user names box
    Click Add
    In the Enter object names to select box, type everyone then click Check Names.
    You should see Everyone
    Click OKSelect Everyone then check the Permissions for Everyone boxes in the Allow column that you want to allow
    Click OK and OK.
    Share drive or folder:
    Click on the Sharing tab
    Click on Advanced Sharing
    Click share this folder
    Give the share a name. I use names like Lenovo_C, Toshiba_C or HP_C, something that makes it easy for me to know what shares I'm looking at when viewing over the network.

    Turn off password protected sharing:
    Right click on Network and select Properties.
    Click on Change advanced sharing settings at left.
    Click the down arrow next to All Networks at the bottom.
    Select Turn off password protected sharing.
    Click the Save changes button.
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    windows 10 64 bit
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    Still cannot transfer files in my LAN

    Many thanks for your good advice. I've followed your procedures exactly and some changes are noticeable but I'm still unable to access drives and folders on my LAN machines. One machine when I try to access a folder on another machine asks me for my "Network Credentials" requiring user name and password. I just don't know what my network credentials are or should be. Is it the generic Microsoft user name and pw? The other machines simply tell me that I don't have "permissions" to access folders and/or drives. Your suggested procedures changed that I believe. I'm wondering if the "inbound rules" in the firewall screens could be the culprit. Based on something I read online I changed 2 or 3 of the entries for print and file sharing rules to "yes" for private and domain connections but not for public. Could this be the area of problem? I had this completely solved in Win 7 but the upgrade has defeated my file transfer abilities which to me are important. Thanks again for the helpful advice.
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    Windows 10 Pro X64 21H1 19043.1043

    Turn off password protected sharing on all computers.
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    Thanks, Yes, password protected sharing has been turned off on all machines but problem still persists. What are my "network credentials"? It seems this is needed now to transfer files in addition to whatever else is a problem.
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    If you're trying to read/write files on computer "A" sitting at computer "B" and your get asked for credentials, it is asking for the
    user/password of a user that exists in computer "A" so it can authenticate you.
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    No end to the demand for permissions for my home network transfers

    I tried your 3 neatly listed changes and executed them. I was nonetheless, unable to transfer a set of video files from the Ext HDD connected to my Windows 10 desktop to the Ext HDD of my Windows 10 Mini Home theatre PC. You should know that these two pc's are Ethernet connected to my ISP router. The second problem I have is, I cannot see on "Network" my Windows 10 mini HTPC on the other computer. The mini pc has network discovery turned on and passwords turned off.

    I keep getting that I need administrator permission. I could not even transfer the files from the attached HDD drive to the Public folder or to a USB flash drive on the attached PC.

    So what "Permissions" do I show for folder properties? On the PC with the folders I need to transfer; the users are ticked off for Full Control "Allow". They are "Everyone", "System", Dennis (HP/Dennis), Administrator (HP\Adminstrator). On the Advanced Securites Settings page, the "Owner:" is shown as HP\Adminsitrator. Under "Share" tab the permission entries are "Everyone" and "Administrators/HP\Administrators and they both have Full Control. When I had problems with other folders, somehow I was able to solve the problem with the permission choices.
    If I set up both the C drives as share for "Everyone" why can I not share over the network. I do do not have any passwords with any on these two or my two laps tops (Windows 81. and Windows 7). So you can see that I kept the laptops out of this since they are not Windows 10.

    It is inconceivable why a 70 yr. retired guy has to suffer through all this security in my condo with just my spouse that only uses her iPad for browsing an email? Is there not a simple transparent use of the Network feature? Or do I have to use some software to achieve this? I seem to spend more time under the hood instead of driving and my grand - kids cannot get to see the videos I promised to show them on the TV .

    Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

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    Try on the computer you want the share to be "computer A" adding a user "myguest" (for example) with a password. Take note of computer A's name "Main" for example (case sensitive). On "computer B" enter in the username box that pops up Computer A's name (case sensitive) then a backslash then "myguest" then enter the password you used.

    Example "Main\myguest" and then password should be without quotes - Main\myguest

    Worked for me.
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    Goto computer you cant access > Properties > Security > Edit > Add > Advanced
     Find Now > find “Everyone” > Ok > High lite “Everyone” > Click ‘allow Full Control > Ok out
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    windows 10

    Not working for me either

    88rizer said:
    Goto computer you cant access > Properties > Security > Edit > Add > Advanced
     Find Now > find “Everyone” > Ok > High lite “Everyone” > Click ‘allow Full Control > Ok out
    I have the same problem. (Security tab you mention is under boot drive, right?) but only with large files. Those under a few meg move okay. All my computers show Everyone with full control.
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